"Where to go now" Brian thought as he stared at the map spread in front of him.

"Here goes nothing Brian said as he closed his eyes and let his finger drift as it came to a place Brian opened his eyes.

"Hmm Homer Alaska here I come": Brian thought.

Brian had already left his father, changed his name, and was on his way to a new place to start a new life. Gone was the old Brian, the one who stood the beatings and pain inflected on his body.

Seventeen year old Brian Morris was born again yes he took Lil's last name kind of like a tribute to her.

Delta Air

First Class

En-route to Alaska

Brian stretched way back in the leather seat in the first class section of his flight to Alaska. This was the first time Brian flew or even left New York.

In Brian's mind he made a cheek list of things to do get home, furniture, and a car so much to do Brian thought.

Before leaving New York Brian decided to only live off of 2.5 million dollars he could stretch that a LONG way the rest Brian invested in Mutual Funds and could get decent interest to live off of.

Brian had his driver's license if only to drive his fathers drunken ass home form bars, Brian was looking forward to getting his own car and all that that entails.

Homer Alaska

Vista reality

Peggy Shafer was in the business of selling real-estate, she was booked by a client moving to Homer there weren't many homes for sale only about ten in the whole town.

After seeing all of the homes in Homer for sale Brian was disappointed none called to him, they where driving back to the reality agency when Brian saw it.

The building in question was an old lumber warehouse made of brick and two huge wooden doors, the windows where boarded up and the building had an eerie feel to it.

"I'll take it" Brian said

Peggy looked at Brian with remorse but what the hell a sale was a sale.

Two months later

Brian was still staying in a hotel as his home was being upgraded and made livable Brian had to pay about three hundred thousand for it and all the repairs and things that needed to be done. Today was the Day Brian got to move in to his new home.

Brian drove his newly purchased Rav-4 to his new home it was all ready the furniture and everything was already set up.

The giant doors where sealed and polished with stain they gave off an amber gleam offset by the giant protractor window and two small entry doors inserted. After walking throw the doors you came to the living room high polished oak floors shone covered only by comfortable lazy boy furniture and an entertainment center. Next to that was the dining room not much in there yet except a long table for more people then Brian knew. Connected to a green granite island was the kitchen all top of the line appliances in stainless steel the green granite went all the way around in a giant U.

In back of the kitchen were a small pantry, and laundry room, then two decent size bedrooms and a full bathroom.

But Brian wanted to see his room walking back to the living room there was a spiral stair case tucked by a wall, Brian always loved lofts so he made the master bedroom a loft a king sized bed was in the corner dressers and night stands where next to the bed fallowed by a small entertainment center, desk with satellite internet and TV. where waiting for him.

Brian couldn't wait to see the best feature of his home a narrow pathway with handles stretched all the way to the protractor window there was a large nook there which held over stuffed chairs and a chase lounge with some small tables the window the center of phocus a stunning view of the town of Homer,

For the first time in his life Brian was home.

Find out what happens next chapter Brian's meets the Towns Folk.