-I see these thoughts in colors,

A rainbow and

a sun.

A fear that fills like water;

it crashes blue and floods.

Panic raced like lightning,

lacing needles through my blood.

Joy is so golden

it needs no mirror to shine.

It has a light all it's own,

and it's rarely ever mine.

We all submit to blackened rage,

Even when we try.

We can't suppress it's enticing cage

and we love the grey of lies.

Confusion is the orange

of new begotten fruit.

It teases us in circles

and plays hell with our youth.

Shades of lust are red and soft.

A jolting storm on days aloft

those battered winds.

Dark green is envy

and white is filling hope.

They say faith differs,

but it's the same.

And if you thought so,

don't mope.

Not the least, but last is love.

Lurid purple calms and


like none of the above.

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