The Insignificance Of Existence (Part Two)

It took me awhile to process
who I was standing in front of.
And I cried at school today.
"The worst is over."
But nobody noticed.
Sometimes joy rushes into me.
God, I wish I was there again.
To die for, literally,
I would give anything.
There were guys standing on either side of me
I'm still not sure if they cared about politics.
One had pretty eyes, one smelled good
One had great hair, one was shorter than me.
I had my anti-bush pin on my Cursive purse.
I must have looked like such a fake.
Just like the girls I claim to hate.
I liked the one who smelled good the best,
or the one who danced during breaks.
And when I finally, finally got out of that place,
I realized that the rest of the people
"on the outside"
are hopeless.
They're just hopeless.
I kinda feel bad, but I kinda feel better.
A weight was lifted for me, at least.
And I can see right through his on-white
suit, I can see what he's behind.
That boy studies him like he's learning something
new. I don't know, I guess that's kinda cute.
I like the feeling when I'm surrounded by people.
Even though my head pounds, my ears ring, and
I can't breathe.
I don't dislike people, I never have.
I just have a lot of pet-peeves.
Now when I cry what I'm really thinking about
is what I'm gonna do different next time.