Saffron hair shielded by a scarf,

one of many scarves in the Djem' el Fna.

And the snake charmer's tune rolls over and over,

but it's just me humming,

because I'm really sitting in a desk,

one of many desks in your class.

And I'm writing because you said,

and I'm tired because Nietzsche visited my head last night.

You don't know what it's like.

You just know your baseball dreams,

and your four divorces.

I wonder why.

And as for you, Luiza,

you never told me it would be this hard to forget

and come back,

just like how you never told me they would stare,

and you never told me they wouldn't be happy with just that.

There are lots of things you should have told me, Luiza.

And it was so green there.

The man said,

"It's because it rained cats and dogs,

and the people,

they have, how you say, the green fingers."

And the communists in my head want a picnic.

And I want to go home so I can dance my feet raw.