I bite my lips and squint into
The sun wondering what was
Supposed to happen that
Night and what would have
Happened had I chosen not
To take such a stupid chance

My hands are in my cargo
Pockets fingers gripping a
Metal mint box wallet that
Is pretty inconvenient most
Of the time but I still fill it
Up with my most prized and
Most hated possessions with
Memories and money but
Every time I touch it all I can
Feel is a burning hand tickling
Across my fingertips and palm

Sunburn seeps into my eyes
Kissing site goodbye and
Blinding my skin and touch
Against what surrounds me I
Can't help but silently cry
Out to the blue sky a shrill of
Horror while my bones start
To dry and fade into the
Skin that covers them so
Feebly I wish I could just get
Away from this place and go
Somewhere anywhere

I keep telling myself that
Everything happens for a
Reason and someday I'll
Understand it but it's so
Hard trying to do that when
Everyone is against me
Like some conspiracy I'm
The new enemy of the
World so do everything you
Can to make my life the
New living breathing Hell