I close my eyes,
But still It dances before me.
As bright and real as ever,
The agony continues.
Its measured pace--
Or is it mine?
I can't quite tell
When It taunts me so,
Counting down to my

I cover my ears,
But Its words still find a way
Into my head and past my sense.
I know It's wrong,
I know to refuse.
But I don't.
I can't.
It's too enticing
To my weaker side.
Offering relief where it will never exist,
Taunting me when I know It

I silence my brain,
But It still breaks in.
And now I'm trapped
In this cavity of irrationality
Thief of reason
And robber of reality,
It takes what is not
And make it

Still, I see It
Before my closed eyes.
Still, I hear It
Through my covered ears.
Still, I bow to It
With my obstructed brain.