The Club

The temperature was rising, bodies sweating, music pulsing, dancers collecting hundreds of dollars as they moved sensually across the stage to an audience of the horniest sex driven men in the entire city. A typical night at Club Erotic – "The Club" to most. Club Erotica was everything; bar, dance club, stripper house, brothel, and one of the few places ordinary people could have hot, wild, kinky sex in public and not worry about penalties.

Out on the dance floor, one extremely hot brunette wearing a tight leather skirt that just barely hid her hot pussy from view and a lacy black bra was grinding roughly with a man that looked to be in his mid-forties with a slight beer gut. By the expensive Armani suit he was wearing, one would guess he was a prominent businessman in the area. He had his pants to his ankles, his rock-hard erection protruding out to rub against the silky skin of the young woman's firm stomach. His suit jacket was missing, lost somewhere in the heat of the dance floor and his white shirt was unbuttoned with his tie hanging undone over his chest.

The man had his hands on the woman's ass, squeezing in pleasure as she ran her hot tongue over his nipple and pounded relentlessly into his throbbing member. Gasping in pleasure as she moved her hands from his shoulders to his cock, he moaned as she began to pump her soft hands up and down, his sweat slick beneath her fingers.

He bucked up, into her waiting hands as he came closer and closer to release. Shuddering harder he let out a hoarse yell as he orgasmed, spilling his seed over her tanned skin. He panted as she moved out of his hold, kneeling to her hunches to reach into his pants pocket for his wallet and extracting every bill in it. She gave him one last searing kiss before grabbing his tie and walking away.

Coming to a booth occupied with her companion, she slipped the money into her purse, but not before counting out $312 total. Using the obviously expensive tie to wipe the man's cum from her body, she leaned in and kissed the man she had come with.

He smiled as she pulled back, "That was hot babe, think there's anything left for me?" The girl grinned back "Please, I'm dressed in this outfit, not wearing panties, and just wound up an old man for 300 bucks, of course there's some for you." And she reached over to the already tense bulge in his pants, pushing and rubbing until he threatened to break the confines of his zipper.

Moving to straddle him, she yanked down the zipper and felt her fiancé's dick push free to stick straight up through the gap in his pants. Grinding into his length, she moved to suckle on his neck. She moaned as she felt his strong hands running up and down her back, squeezing her ass to run down her legs before coming back up to rest on the clasp for her bra. Quickly pulling apart the thin metal clasp he pushed her back to lean against the table and lowered his face to her taut nipples.

He caressed the soft flesh of one perfect mound with the rough of his tongue, causing it to become erect to the point that it was painful. The girl above him moaned as he suckled and lapped at the sensitive skin before moving to the other side. Running her fingers through his soft hair, she moaned again as his fingers ran down her right side to her thigh and coming up under her skirt. He pulled his mouth from her breast, flicking the swollen nipple with his tongue, to focus all his attention on the sweet wetness he could feel just a breath away from the tips of his fingers.

She rocked over him, begging to feel his touch on her most intimate place. She cried out as he finally gave in and plunged two fingers deep inside her hot core, sending waves of pleasure to places only he could find, awakening sensations and desires she longed for.

Slowly sliding his digits out of her, he smiled at her shudder as she settled down. Pulling her forward and positioning above him, he could feel a rush of heat surround his abdomen, begging for the intense movement to start again. In a moment it was satisfied as the woman above him slammed down onto his pulsing shaft.

The flood of heat passing between them has her tight, hot core stretched around him was strong enough to make them both pause, gasping for air as their bodies became used to the intense pleasure.

"Fuck, babe. You rock my world."

His gasp in her ear was all the encouragement needed to continue. Pulling up until all that remained inside of her was the very tip of his rock hard dick; she tightened her sex around him and reveled in his gasp as she slammed down again.

She didn't have time to think before his hands were on her hips, slamming her up and down onto him, enticing gasps and moans as her head lolled back. A new wave of heat rushed through her as he pulled her taunt nipple into his mouth again, biting softly then soothing the skin with his tongue.

Dear god it was heaven. With every thrust of his shaft into her begging wetness, she flew higher and higher, crying out as the heat in her stomach strained to explode.

His movements became erratic, his fingers dug into her hips and he wrenched his mouth from her breast, enveloping her lips with his own, and she saw stars.

Their frantic kiss muffled her screams as he thrust once more before his body shuddered, his own moans joining hers as she fell down to the hilt of his manhood. The waves of pleasure and heat came twice as hard as his climax rocked through her, spurring her body into the prolonged intensity.

It was a full minute before they both relaxed. His body fell back against the booth and she leaned against him, still impaled on him. Fluttering her eyes open she kissed his neck and leaned up to his ear. She felt him get hard inside of her as pulled the lobe of his ear into her mouth and pulling away to blow on the damp appendage.

"We have an audience, babe."


A.N. So whattya think? I origionally had this idea like last summer when I couldn't sleep, and here it is. I had planned it to be longer, with an added part about the four men in the booth next to them, but decided I didn't want to mess with it and that I like it the way it is. I know it's not great, but for my first ever attempt at anything erotic, I think it's okay. R&R