A taste of sugar,

colors that spin,

a radiating, palpable energy-

Let the fun begin.

A blur of lights

contrast with the black night sky,

filled with screams of pleasure-

This night, no opportunity will pass by.

Then there's only darkness.

The power has been cut,

the screams change to pain,

a radiating, palpable fear-

It's not by free will they remain.

The fun's been replaced with blood,

but still the Ferris wheel will spin,

a never-ending cycle on repeat-

The eternal despair must begin.

I've been thinking about words too much lately, which engendered this poem- because 'carn' can be bloody, like 'carnivore', but then pretty, like 'carnation'. Carnations would be hard to corrupt in a poem though, so I went with carnivals. Hope you enjoyed!