I'm a hypocrite
A walking contradiction
When I know I'm wrong,
I write down I'm right
I'm a hypocrite
Blaming everyone around me
When I know I'm wrong
And that I'm being a fraud
I disgust myself
With the dark words that I
Surround myself with
Like a blanket of security
I cry out how hideous I am
And relish in the compliments I get
I'm a hypocrite
Shouting, "Fairytales don't exist!"
Yet I yearn for one of my own
I say that I'm anti love and anti this
And that
But take a close look and you'll see
That they're all just masks
Protect yourself, I think
Don't trust, don't hope, and don't love
Why the hell can't I see that all of it
Is just bull that I've brainwashed myself
With over the years?
I disgust myself as I type down these words
I'm a hypocrite
And nothing more