The Dream

"Hey, I just had a dream."

Adam blinks at me and I can see confusion in his eyes. "You just had one?"


"Right now?" he whispers.

I give him a look. "No, dummy. How could I have a dream now? I'm standing here talkin' to you!"

He just stands there looking sheepish.

I shake my head.

"Do you want to know it or not?"

"I guess I do…"

"You don't sound so sure," I point out, eyeing his face trying to find a sign.

"I always sound like this."

"No, you don't."

"I think I know how I sound like," he shoots back defensively.

"Good point," I agree. "But sometimes when I leave a message on my home phone and play it back, I sound so weird."

I can see Adam thinking deeply about this.

"Well, when I talk to you on the phone, you sound regular to me," he offers.



We stay quiet for a few more seconds.

"So what were we talking about again?" Adam asks.

"Oh yeah! My dream."

"Y'know what I just realized?"


"That this is your first dream in a long time."

"Thanks for rubbing it in," I mumble scowling.

"I didn't mean to." He reverts back to his usual sheepish face.

I sigh. "Forget it! I'll just tell you, straight forward, about it. Okay?"

Adam shrugs. "Yeah, fine by me. I don't see why you're making this such a big deal."

Then, rolls his eyes at me for good measure. I suddenly have the urge to slap him across the face. But I hold back. If I were to hit Adam, he'd be plunged into a rut of nonstop ranting that I'll never be able to get out of. In this situation, it's better to take the peaceful way out.

"Well, it all started with…" And I began my story.


My family and I are riding back to town via Route 22.

Where are you coming from?

That's not the point.

Oh, okay.

Anyway, we're going westbound from Newark and we pass the Shoprite on the right. Y'know, by the bridge?

Hmmm…I can't quite recall that place.

Whatever, it's no big deal.

But it'll bug me for the rest of the day!

Then ask your mom to drive you to Rt. 22! Problem solved!

But you said westbound. We'd have to go eastbound to get to Newark. That means the Shoprite would be on the…


Yeah, the left.

So what?!

Duh, I'd be going the wrong way!

Who cares? The point is that you know where the Shoprite is. Actually, that's not even the point!

What is it?

The point is that you shouldn't be interrupting me!

Oops. Sorry.

It's okay, Adam, just don't do it again.


Now back to the story. We reach the bridge and for some strange reason there are like these huge bumps all over the road.


Yes, bumps. And we're bouncing along in the car and as we're doing this, I look over on the other lane to the left of us and I see people walking. No cars, just walking. And by the way, it's really dark out.


Well said, Adam.

Thank you.

So we pass over the bumps section and continue down the highway until we pass the bowling place.

Oh, I know where that is. Remember I had my birthday there?

I do remember that.

And I was totally awesome.


So anyway, we pass the bowling place and continue to drive on until we exit off the highway and onto Morris Ave.

Oooh, like the bus route coming from NYC, right?

That's exactly right, Adam.

And we park on the side of the road and I notice a new restaurant there: And All There Is.

Hmmm…never heard of it.

Neither have I, but my parents insist on stopping there. For some strange reason as I enter there, my family is gone and I am by myself. I see Blake sitting by himself at a table.

Wait, Blake's in your dream?


I wonder why…?

Are you implying something, Adam?

Nope, not at all. Go on.

I will. And stop smiling. So, Blake was there.

"Hi, Blake!" I say to him.

Sounds a little too happy if you ask me.

I wasn't asking you.

"Hey, Zelda!" he responds 'cause he's that nice to me.


He stands up and comes over to me. "Are you going to order something?"

That's a stupid question. Why else would you be in a restaurant? I guess he's as stupid in your dreams as he is in person.

Whoa, harsh there, Adam.

I nod at this question and head to the counter and take a tray. I stare intently at the menu hanging on the opposite wall as the lady behind the counter smiles at the two of us.

"I'm not exactly sure on how you order here," I confess to him. By reading the menu I can tell this is some sort of hot dog place, but the first thing on the menu reads: And All There Is.

I don't get it.

Neither did I. So I ask Blake, "Are you supposed to order a hot dog and put 'all there is' on it over at the mini buffet over there?" I point to the mini buffet bar over to the right of us and I see a small kid there in a bowtie scooping things onto his hot dog.

A bowtie?

Yes, a bowtie.

At this question Blake laughs at me.

And I'm harsh? The jerk laughed at you!

Whatever, Adam. So he laughs at me and in between huffs he says, "You really don't know how to order at this place?"

Of course you don't know how to order! You're in a dream and you've never been to this restaurant! It isn't your fault!

It's sweet you're defending me, Adam, but the dream's already over and I doubt Blake's really like that in real life.

Show's how much you know about him…

Okay, back to the dream. I shake my head as I watch him double over in hysterics. I really wanted to kick him, but I didn't. Eventually, I'm over this place and the two of us head out by ourselves to a movie theater.

By yourselves?

Don't look so surprised, Adam. He's my friend too, and the two of us go the movies by ourselves all the time!

It's different…

Right. So as we're heading inside, Wanda joins us. I tell Blake that Wanda and I have to use the bathroom, so he nods his head and we go off in search of it. We eventually find it. It's a thick black door that's difficult for any girl really to push on her own, but luckily for us, with our combined strength we got it open. On the other side we see Chase.

Wait, why is Chase in the girls' bathroom? He is like the manliest guy I know.

That's exactly what I was about to ask him, Adam. Wanda and I walk into the bathroom and Chase is there. Wanda doesn't seem to think much of it, but I can't help but show the confusion on my face. I open my mouth to challenge him when his eyes widen at me.

"Is there something on my face?" I ask.

He runs up to me and pushes me away from the center of the room yelling, "Move!"

That's when I notice that we aren't actually in the girls' room, but on the tracks of Batman the Ride.

Batman the Ride? Batman the Ride? I love that ride! Like after Nitro…and after Medusa…and El Toro's really good…

That's nice, Adam, but back to the story. I still have no idea why the bathroom turned into Batman the Ride, but since I'm in dream mode, I don't question anything out loud. Just as Chase pushes me out of the way, the ride speeds off with the passengers screaming wildly. Wanda's and my hair swirl around our faces with the force of the wind.

But wait, doesn't Batman the Ride start off slow? It climbs up a hill, and then it goes down. Doesn't it?

I realized this too, but only after I woke up. I don't know, dreams are crazy.

Okay, fair enough.

So as the ride leaves, the three of us leave and meet up with Blake. For some reason we walk into this sorta' isolation room that they use in those war movies.


I guess it was because no one seemed to panic. There's a bench on the wall opposite the door and the four of us sit upon it.

Okay, pretty exciting so far, but when do I get into this dream?

Ummm…soon enough…


Okay, so I'm leaning against the cold wall next to Chase when I can hear Tristan's annoying whistling coming through the wall.

Augh, I guess you can't even escape that annoying sound even in your dreams.

Unfortunately, that's right, Adam. But for some reason I'm not as annoyed by it as I would be if I was awake. Chase notices the sound too and gives me a confused look, one of many that I'll be either giving or getting in this dream.

"Is that Tristan?" he asks me.

"I guess so," I answer, also making a confused look.

So, the only thing we can do to reply to this God awful sound is to sing louder and even more horriblely.

That's your solution? You guys just sing louder and suck? That a stupid plan!

Yeah, well, I can't control what happens in dreams. And don't make that face at me.

We stop for a minute and we no longer hear the whistling. This could be taken as a good thing because everyone hates Tristan's whistling, but this could also be a bad thing because that means Tristan is gone and we're still stuck in the room.

You guys were stuck? I didn't realize.

Yeah we were. So, out of nowhere, this huge demolition thing slams into the room and we're home free. We pile out and onto a dirty looking street. We can see construction signs everywhere.

Explains that demolition thing.

Good job, Adam.

So we continue to walk on this street until we come to this beautiful outdoor mall. And I'm telling you, it was bee-u-tiful.

I wish we had one of those around here.

As we enter the outdoor mall, we see all our classmates there, particularly notice Tristan and Davis who's bouncing a basketball up and down.

Yup, he's always with that basketball.

We walk past them, still looking around at all the stores when we come upon another construction filled street. Suddenly all the girls in our class around me and we're all staring up at the a half built tower. At the very top we see Tristan smiling stupidly and waving down at us.

On top of a half built tower?

On top of a half built tower.

That kid never was that smart.

I didn't say anything.

So anyway, he's waving down at us and Sabrina, who's standing next to me says, "I'll be laughing if he falls off. I'll just be dying."

I of course, agree with this statement.

I do too.

Then, we see the rest of the boys in our class join Tristan on top of the half built tower and now they all wave down at us, smiling so happily.

Am I among them?


Good, I'm not an idiot in this dream.

Ella, who's on the other side of me, pipes up smartly, "See, us girls are so much smarter than them. If we were to wave down at people, we'd be in a fully finished tower and one that's a lot shorter than this, just in case we fall, which we wouldn't."

I laugh at this and nod.

That Ella has a good point.

Absolutely, Adam.


"And that's it!" I announce beaming at him.

"That's it?" he repeats giving me a confused look, one that I am now used to.

"That's it, I confirm.

"Hmmm, wasn't one of your best, Zelda, I'm afraid."

"I wasn't making it out to be. I just said that I had a dream."

"But remember that one with the motorcycle? That was cool. And the one where you slid down the huge slide pushing some kid out of the way. Totally violent and completely unlike you!" Adam says

Oh how little he knows of me.

"So what?" I reply. "I just had a dream and I wanted to share it with my best friend. What's the problem with that?"

But it was obvious he was ignoring me.

"And hey! I wasn't even in this one! What's up with that? I'm always in your dreams! What kind of best friend are you that you don't have me in your dreams!"

"I told you, I can't control what I dream!"

"Is that so? Then why were Blake and Chase in it?"

"So what if Blake and Chase were in it?"

He gave me a knowing look as he smirks. This time I do smack him. But on the arm, no worries.

"Shut up, Adam!"

"What? I didn't say anything!"

"I knew you were about to."

"No, I wasn't!"

I cross my arms and just fume silently.

The End. )


A/N: Hey, it's my first time ever doing these short story things. I'm actually really happy with it. Hopefully you are too! I would love reviews as I always do, and advice is always welcome. I want to know what I can do better with the stories I write. This was based on an actual dream I had about real people in my life. All names have been changed and Zelda is the girl telling Adam about her dream (Adam's dialogue is in italics during the dream, but the italics while Zelda's talking is only for emphasis).