His gleaming raven wings spread behind him as he crouches on the crystalline rock. The subtle curve where his neck and shoulder joins would inspire many works of arts, if people could only see him, but divine beings are ever fickle and reveal themselves only to people they consider worthy. They no longer rule the heavens, but they have never let us forget that they were once our masters.

And now this former master has a chain around his ankle, shackling him to the crystal sung into existence. The fetter is made of supple iron and silver, some gossamer moonlight woven into the curious metal: an alchemy far beyond any human craftsmanship. The Lord of Heaven decreed that it be his sentence, and for untold seasons of millennia, the angel has sat here, watching the universe tilt slowly towards anarchy.

"It is not fair," he whispers, that voice mesmerizing in its liquid sullenness. "Why should you humans be allowed to ruin your world? Come, sweetling, free me of this prison, and I will show you wonders untold."

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