You don't really care, do you? You lie, that's your way of life. You lie to me, you lie to her, you lie to him, you lie to them. For bloody hell sakes, you lie to everyone. I wish they could see through your ugly mask of

t wist e d,

b i t t e r


I'm so fucking sick of you; of your fucking complaining, and fucking non-stop lies. You don't understand me at all, do even try to pretend you do. Don't even try to lie again. I don't want another lie out of you; I have enough in my own head, thankyouverymuch. Yeah, you don't care at all. You don't give a shit. I'm dying, and it's a l l because/of/you (dontyoudenyitbitch)

Just get the hell out of my life. It's really starting to bug me how you are everywhere I look, everywhere I go. It's so hard to keep from crying when you look at me. It's not fair. It's just not fair.

t e a r d r o ps









Thanks a lot. /sarcasm/