POTC meets LOTR and The Corpse Bride

Chapter 1

After searching for months, Will had finally found Jack in the heart of Davy Jones' locker. He had found him when Will had strayed away from the crew, following a trail of footprints in the sand that were not his own, nor anyone's on the crew. After many hours of tracing the impressions, he had finally found a lone silhouette of a man he presumed to be Captain Jack Sparrow.

He ran to him, leaving heavy indentations where he had walked, sand flying up from his boots. "Jack! It's me! Will Turner!"

Jack slowly turned to face Will with a chilling expression. "So it's young William, aye?" His face split into a grin he could no longer conceal. "I knew you'd come to save me just because you missed me! You did miss me . . . right?" Jack's eyes suddenly narrowed.

"That's not important. Are you all right?"

Jack nodded in the affirmative.

"Good. No worries, then." Will said, a strange glow in his eye. Jack's gold teeth flashed as he recognized his own words from when they had gone to save Elizabeth and salvage his beloved Black Pearl. "Are you sure you're all right?"

"Yes!!" Jack sighed.

"Good." Will drew his fist back and collided with Jack's jaw. "That's for sticking your tongue down Elizabeth's throat! I ought to kill you! The only reason I won't is because we've come so far to save your bloody worthless pirate butt!"

Jack massaged his jaw and a little blood tricked off his fingers. "Bloody nice welcome. And I didn't do it. She kissed me. I was nothing but an almost innocent bystander. Savvy? Besides, we both know she liked it. I was a prominent step up from you, anyway." His easy smile had vanished and he had his hand on his holster.

Will drew his clenched fist back for another shot at Jack's smug face, but a sudden icy blast stilled his hand. He looked behind him. Black clouds billowed in the sky.

A storm was arriving.

Legolas pulled Frodo aside.

"I knew that ring was trouble from the beginning, Frodo."

"Is it my fault? Bilbo put it in my care."

Legolas drew an arrow from his sack. "Let me destroy it for you."

Frodo rolled his eyes, knowing Legolas was joking. "You and I both know that won't work, Lego."

"Don't call me Lego."


A deer bounded across the path Legolas and Frodo were following. Within half a second, the deer had collapsed to the ground, an arrow pieced through its heart. Blood pooled on the ground.

A grin divided Frodo's face. "Nice shot! We feast tonight!"

"I know." Legolas smiled.

Hours later, the deer was roasting over a fire. The delicious aroma drifted through the air.

Legolas inhaled deeply, drinking in the scent. "There's something delicious about dinner you kill and cook yourself." He poked it with a stick. "I think it's about ready."

"Good! I'm famished!" Frodo piled a chunk of meat onto the large, flat rock he was using as a plate. Legolas followed suit.

They piled food into their mouths.

"Incredibly scrumptious!" Frodo mumbled between bites.

"Mhmmm!" Legolas agreed, scarfing down a glass of ale.

An icy wind blew. Black clouds billowed. Rain drops fell softly, forming puddles in the footprints of the elf and the hobbit. Lightning flashed, and a tree fell. The fire went out. Legolas and Frodo were sucked into a powerful storm.

Victor fingered the ring he had concealed in his pocket, imagining every last detail of how he would propose to his beloved, if he could. He nervously eyed the dark, wintery forest around him, making sure he was isolated. He was, the trees his only company.

Withdrawing the golden ring from the pocket of his worm jacket, he shifted his gaze around the forest, as if to be completely certain he was alone.

He began rehearsing how he would propose. He started timidly, then grew bolder with each sentence. He enjoyed it to the fullest, confessing his love for her again and again. "And now my dear, will you be mine?" He slipped the ring onto a cluster of branches that strangely resembled a hand.

When the ring had encircled itself around the "fingers" of the branch, the "fingers" immediately recoiled closed. Victor stepped back startled. He tripped on a root and fell, his arm being sucked into a hole in the ground by an invisible force. He struggled and managed to escape. He sat on the frozen ground, panting for breath.

A pale, ghostly silhouette rose from behind the tree stump with the "fingers". It looked to be the corpse of a young bride who had died on her wedding day. The bride-like phantom was clothed in a silvery veil, a pale wedding gown, and clasped a bouquet of flowers in her dead hands. She was a bit pretty, giving off a gray glow and hovering above the ground. Two words fell from her dead, gray lips. "I do!"

The first thing he did upon standing was flee for his life. He unfortunately was having the misfortune of not being able to run well. Blinded by his fear, he ran headfirst into one tree and yet another. When he kept going, he found himself running full force, but going no where. Looking down, he realized he was on a frozen creek. Quickly, he managed to regain his footing and cross over the creek. He looked back to see if he was gaining ground, but could only see her corpse-like form trailing after him.

He ran a little while longer, and found himself on a stone bridge over a running river. He almost didn't turn to see if she was following him. But, Victor pushed the fear out of his mind and checked anyway. The corpse bride wasn't there.

He breathed a sigh of relief and leaned against the cold, hard stone. Rain drops began to fall, trickling down his face. They cooled him, washing away the perspiration from his frantic run.

Thunder rolled in the distance. The rain became a little stronger, and a little colder as well. Victor wiped the water from his eyes and turned to go.

His heart came to a halt. His pursuer was right in front of him.

She pressed him against the stone wall, bringing her dead lips closer to his living ones. She intended to kiss him, to seal the deal of their "engagement".

The downpour made the bridge a bit too slippery to stand on. Victor fell, and unintentionally toppled into the river. The water was like ice, chilling him to the bone. He was numb almost instantly.

Lightning flashed, as brilliant and terrifying as the fear in the phantom's eyes. One popped out unexpectedly. She caught it and placed it back in her skull. She rose in the air to follow him, to try to save him.

The current became stronger, carrying Victor into land he had not seen before even though he had been there many, many times. What he had always known to be forest had become the intimidating edge of a jagged cliff. A giant crack had opened in the earth, splitting the forest down the center. Water mercilessly poured over the end, entering a black abyss that went on for an eternity.

Victor screamed, using every last ounce of strength he had to escape. But, no matter how hard he tried, or what direction he swam in, the emotionless current was too strong.

Th phantom came within inches of him. Her lifeless fingers barely brushed his outstretched fingers even once, but he was pulled out of her grasp. He was so desperate to be saved from the abyss, he would have even accepted help from the corpse bride.

The water pushed past the edge of the cliff, bringing Victor with it. He screamed, terrified at his untimely death, fearing what was to come.