PM: DarkChrome


The internet can be a very dangerous place. Oh yes… Especially chat rooms. I advise every person out there – especially females! – to avoid chat rooms as you would avoid the plague! You don't know who you'll meet and be an idiot for. How do I know?

Personal experience… Very bad personal experience.

It all started last year when naïve me decided to enter a chat room to see what all the fuss was about. There was a time when it was the craze but the craze came to me much later on. There were already warnings in place not to trust strangers. Heck, I've been taught ever since I was little to never trust strangers. But I did anyway. Why?

Because he sweet-talked me.

Yes, yes, I know. I'm a disgrace to the femaledom. How could I do that to myself?! Well, I was 18! Girls my age instinctively look for a guy in their life! Since I obviously wasn't finding him by walking around and accidentally and coincidentally bumping into him (like in those cliché love stories where a guy and a girl meet, feel sexual tension, become friends, feel sexual tension, argue, feel sexual tension, get through hardships and challenges, sexual tension, finally get together, sexual tension and the FINALLY have absolutely amazing orgasmic sex). So why not try the internet?

I did and voila! After spending only 15 minutes (counting the time it took me to learn how to go about the damn thing) the seemingly perfect man gives me a private message…

DarkChrome Good evening, querida. May I know your name?

Of course I did! I mean, the guy was Spanish! Who does not want to hook up with a hot Spanish señor?

NO ONE! That's who!

We talked and asked simple questions at first – then questions that you wouldn't ask a stranger if you were face-to-face. But since I could pretend to be someone I probably am not, I just let go of myself.

-moonlover-: How did you know I'm a girl? Are you Spanish?

DarkChrome Oui, ma chérie but also French.

WOAH! What a sizzling combination!

But then my senses finally started kicking in. I though, what would a seemingly hot guy be doing on the internet? Shouldn't he have some equally hot girlfriend out there who he makes mad, passionate love to every single night for more than just twice?

-moonlover-: Are you really?

DarkChrome (chuckling smiley) Yes, of course. You do not believe me?

-moonlover-: How old are you?

There was a pause and my suspicion grew.

DarkChromeI am probably older than you. Would that really matter?

Heck yes, especially if it's a thirty year gap or something!

-moonlover-: You tell me.

DarkChromeWould age really get in the way of love?

Okay, woah. Stop. Rewind. Play and repeat. Love?! Where the heck did love come from?!

-moonlover-: o0 Love?!

DarkChromeFrom our conversation, I think I am smitten with you, Sahara.



What kind of fool would fall for that?


Must I answer that question?

We would talk everyday after that. Only by our fifth conversation I already showed myself via webcam.

A billion times a fool!

He never talked to me again. It's like our conversations never happened.

One year already passed by but I felt as though I've been played… The truth is I was played. I felt hurt for quite a while too.

I will never forget his name since he was a lesson for me – a lesson that I shouldn't be so naïve. I'm different now – well, I hope so anyway.

Now I'm Sahara Parke, nineteen years old and focused on my studies. I'm close to independent and I need no man to feel good about myself.

I wonder… For that one night, would I ever have thought of ticking a bunch of crosses on door for safety?