Summary: Lizzie has this one secret that no one knows except her family and two trusted friends. The secret is that she is…psychic.

The 1st Episode…..

Summary: After Lizzie has a vision of Dean failing a Spanish test, she tries her best to keep it from happening. When Dean finds out that Lizzie knows the answers there is a true test of friendship.

Sometimes I feel his love, sometimes I don't
There's times when he proves it, then times when he won't
It's times I know the deal about how he truly feels
I guess what's killing me is just not knowin'

Shows Lizzie, Raven and Dean running away from their stupid teacher, Mr Perkins.

Shows Lizzie, Raven and Dean eating chips while watching television.

Shows Lizzie and Raven talking about who they like and Dean going away but Raven pulled him back to listen.

My friends all tell me maybe I should seek a psychic
They tell me just beware I may or may not like it
But either way I know I need to get some answers
About where I stand with him
How do I know, I need to know

Shows Lizzie slow dance with Dean.

Shows Lizzie designing an outfit for herself.

Shows Lizzie talking to her statue model while trying to fit the skirt to it.

Shows Lizzie smiling.

Vanessa Hudgens as Lizzie Baxter.

If he's for real won't you please let me know
or is he just playin', what's your magic card show.
Something 'bout when he's here make me not see so clear
Does your crystal ball show any lovin' at all?

Shows Dean playing basketball with his teammates.

Shows Dean shooing out Lizzie and Raven out of the gym.

Shows Dean fighting with Lizzie's annoying little brother, Cory.

Shows Dean smiling.

Zac Efron as Dean Thomas.

My friends all tell me maybe I should seek a psychic
They tell me just beware I may or may not like it
But either way I know I need to get some answers
About where I stand with him
How do I know, I need to know

Shows Raven patting Dean's head like a dog.

Shows Raven holding two spoons and clanking them together.

Shows Raven speaking frog's language to a frog.

Shows Raven smiling.

Ashley Tisdale as Raven Crenel.

I know this must seem desperate
But desperate is what I've become
I'll do anything to know I'm the only one
Anything to get the truth from you

Shows Lizzie, Raven and Dean dancing at a school dance.

Shows Lizzie, Raven and Dean covering their noses when Bean Struky came.

Shows Lizzie, Raven and Dean arguing for no reason.

Shows Lizzie, Raven and Dean running around Lizzie's house.

My friends all tell me maybe I should seek a psychic
They tell me just beware I may or may not like it
But either way I know I need to get some answers
About where I stand with him
How do I know, I need to know

Shows Lizzie, Raven and Dean sitting on a couch, getting ready for a picture.

Shows Lizzie, Raven and Dean smiling and a flash came.

Shows Lizzie, Raven and Dean jump after they get their picture.

Cause it's Physic Lizzie.

Physic Lizzie.

Physic Lizzie.

Lizzie pushed the gym doors and walked in. She looked at her watch.

"Dean!" Lizzie called. "Hello!" She looked back at her watch and shook her head. She was supposed to meet Dean at his locker to go to Raven's house to study. But he was no where to be found. So, she went to the gym, thinking Dean might be shooting some hoops.

Suddenly, a voice came over the speakers. "And now, introducing the newest member of the basketball team, starting guard Dean "Nothing-But-Net" Thomas!!!" It was obviously Dean's voice and Lizzie wide eyes.

Dean came bouncing a ball and shooting it in the hoops while saying, "He's new, he shoots…and he scores!" He said happily.

Lizzie smiled at Dean. "Omg, I can't believe it! You got in! When did you find out?" She asked.

Dean shrugged. "This morning. Coach says I'm in. I just need to get a C plus in all of my mid-terms." He answered in a I'm-never-gonna-get-below-C plus voice.

Lizzie smiled and hugged Dean tightly. "I'm so happy for you, Dean!!!" She said, still hugging.

"Ok, ok. Now the crowd can stopped hugging." He said unsteadily. Lizzie quickly let go of Dean.

"I knew you can do it!"

Suddenly, Lizzie got a vision.

Dean holds his Spanish test and looked at it in shocked. On the paper, a big F was circled above.

"An F!"

Lizzie looked at Dean and smiled weakly. Dean saw this and knew she had a vision. "Wait, did you just have a vision?" Dean paused and have a dreamy smile on his face. "Did it involve me dating a cheerleader and...another cheerleader?"

Lizzie rolled her eyes. "Dean, I have visions, not fantasies."

Dean shook his head and kept dribbling the basketball. "This is the best day of my life, Liz. Nothing can get me down!" He exclaimed and went out the gym.

Lizzie looked down sadly. "Ya, nothing."

Lizzie and Raven are talking about Lizzie's vision that morning in the girls bathroom while Raven is flossing her teeth.

"So if Dean gets an F on his test he will get kicked off the team!" Lizzie exclaimed, pacing around.

Raven, still flossing said, "Yu ha tu tel him Raw!" Lizzie looked at her and sigh.

"I know I have to tell him but he was so psyched to be on the team! I just don't know how!" She said, biting her nails.

"Liz, ar yu sre yu got Dean's test?" Raven said, looking at the mirror still flossing.

"Yes I'm sure it was Dean's test! He was holding it in his hand and the right answers were circled like D, A, B, A, I remember it because it was spelled like Daba B B, Caba C C, Badad, D D, Caba-" Lizzie was explaining but Raven interrupt her while she walked over to her.


Lizzie looked at her confused and gasp. Realizing she have the answers to Dean's test. "I know! I have the answers to Dean's test!"

Raven shook her head. "No, you said Dee-Dee, that's my aunt's name!" She said while Lizzie rolled her eyes.

Lizzie clapped her hands and smiled widely. "You know what, I could give the answers to Dean, and he won't get kick off the team!"

"Yeah, you're right, you should tell him." Raven said, agreeing.

"But that would be cheating." Lizzie suggested.

"Yeah, Liz, I don't think you should tell him."

"But then he might fail!"

"Yeah, you should tell him."

"Oh, so now you believe in cheating?" She said looking at Raven with a shocked face.

"Well, then...What do you want from me?!" Raven said, frustrated with all this tell him or don't.

Lizzie sighs and explained. "I wish you were the one who was psychic so I could be the one saying 'so what-cha gonna do?'".

Raven nodded her head and walked slowly away from Lizzie. "So, what-cha gonna do?" She said, imitating Lizzie.

Lizzie glared at her.

Dean and his teammate, Max are walking to Dean's locker and talking about their name for their team.

"We should start making up some nicknames for the team like, 'MailMan' or 'Shaq'." He suggested.

Max nodded his head. "Okay, I'll be 'Shaq'!" Dean gave him a look. "Oh, don't tell me that's already taken!" Dean shook his head and turned to his locker while putting his bag inside.

Lizzie and Raven came and sigh.

"Hey, Max, can we have a second." Raven said, she wanted to talk to Dean but Max thought that she wanted to talk to himself. Max brings his arm around Raven's shoulder.

"Ok, so what do you want to talk about?"

"Oh well, I wanted to talk with Dean."

"Well, his right there, why you want to talk with me for?" He said, laughing.

Lizzie and Dean watched them.

Raven patted his cheek. "Guess I wasn't thinking."

"I have those dates sometimes." Max said, pointing at her and being a pervert.

Raven was about to say something but Lizzie cut her out. "I bet you do, now bye." She said quickly, pulling Raven's arm.

"Hey, Dean, don't you have a Spanish test tomorrow?" Lizzie asked worriedly. Dean shrugged.

"Yea, I might as well get a C plus." He respond while bouncing the basketball. Lizzie and Raven looked at him with a don't-he-know-that-he-will-fail face.

Ok, well, don't you need to study? I mean, you need to study so you can't get an F." Raven suggested while nodding her head.

Dean shrugged. "Yea well, I'll hang out with the team later."

"Yea well, how about go to my house to study?" Lizzie asked Dean, hoping he say yes.

"Oh, ok! Then we can do our nails and toes and share our feelings." Dean said sarcastically.

Raven nodded her head. "Yea." She said while looking at both Lizzie and Dean.

Dean shook his head quickly. "No, no." He paused and looked at them confused. "I mean, it's not like you have a vision of me failing the test or something." He laugh nervously but stopped when he saw Lizzie and Raven looked at their feet. "What? You mean, I'm gonna fail the test!"

"I'm sorry Dean. Things happen." Lizzie sad sadly. Dean sigh. "I just can't get this. I can't get Spanish."

"Looked Dean, we'll just go to Lizzie's house and figure it out. Don't worry." Raven said, looking at Dean.

"Yea, whatever…"

Meanwhile at Lizzie's house in the kitchen.

"All right, contestant, are you ready to play another round of 'Do you want to pass Spanish?'". Lizzie announced as the host even though there's no audience except Raven, the assistant and Dean, the only contestant.

Dean nodded his head eagerly. "Yes I am, Liz."

"All right. In the last round, you've managed to correctly label, in Spanish, amount of zero items. can stop now...or you can push on to actually learn something!"

"I like to learn something!"

"Ok, now. Raven, tell the audience what will Dean get if he passed this game."

Raven nods her head and showed an ice cold root beer. "Now, Dean will be playing for an ice cold root beer, courtesy of your mom and dad, yes, your mom and dad...makers of you and Cory."

Dean rolled his eyes.

Lizzie looked at her watch to time Dean. "Ok, get ready…start….now!!!" And Dean quickly pasted the cards of Spanish to the things that are on the cards.

In two minutes, Dean stopped. "You both are right! This is the cool way to learn Spanish!"

Lizzie smiled weakly. "Ok Raven, let's see how well he did?"

"Oh, well, beside me is a telephone and Dean guess correctly."

Dean jumped and started dancing. "Oh yea! It's your birthday! It's your birthday! It's yo-"He was cut off by Lizzie.

"Whah! Whole down people cause-." She paused and run to a shoe. "We don't seat…on a shoe." Dean sigh and Raven do a buzzer noise when you get wrong.

"Oh, and while we're sitting on a shoe we can have a nice big piece of metal spoon." Lizzie continued and Raven kept on doing the buzzer noise.

"Oh yea, and we don't cook, in the garbage." Raven kept on doing the buzzer noise till Dean said stopped.

"Can you stopped that!!!" Dean shouted at Raven. "This is impossible."

"Looked Dean, don't give up cause we aren't. Now, we need you to go back to the living room while we make up some more cards." Lizzie said, pointing at the door while Raven write some Spanish word on a card for Dean to practice. "Go." Dean sigh and obeyed her.

Raven walked over to the kitchen table facing her front to Lizzie as she can't see the door. "You know, how about just-" She was cut off by Lizzie as she didn't know that Dean came back in to drink a soda.

"Oh ya, well let's just see if Cory can-" Lizzie was lying through her teeth but Raven interrupt her before Lizzie finished her sentenced. "Oh, no, no, no! I just want to say to just give Dean the answers!" Raven finished but she didn't know that Dean heard her.

Dean looked shocked but happy since Lizzie has the answers. "You have the answers, Liz?" He asked eagerly. Raven just looked at Lizzie and mouthed a 'sorry'. Lizzie sighed and sat down on a coffee table.

"Yea, well, guess I've forgotten that part." She said nervously. Dean stared at her. "Well, this is just great! Aren't you giving me the answers or something?" He asked since he didn't want to fail or get kick off the team.

Both Lizzie and Raven glared at him. "Sorry Dean but that would be cheating! It'd be so totally unfair!" Raven exclaimed at him. Dean just ignored her and looked at Lizzie, hoping she'll give the answers.

"Sorry, Dean but Raven's right. I'm sorry. That would be cheating."

Dean looked at her angrily. "So you're just gonna let me fail and get kick off the team!" He yelled and lowered his voice. "I thought you're my friend."

"I am-"

"Makes buzzer noise. That's the wrong answer!" As he said that, he went off.

In school, Raven and Lizzie was talking about Dean's test today as they saw Dean walking passed them. "Hi Dean…" Lizzie greeted but no respond.

Lizzie looked at Raven and shook her head. "Can you believe him?" Asked Lizzie.

"Looked there's nothing you could do now, Liz. He's test is in an hour."

Lizzie sighed but saw Senorita Rodriguez, the teacher that Dean's suppose to take the test from.

Suddenly, Lizzie got a brainstorm. "Maybe there's something I can do." As she followed the teacher.

Lizzie walked in the room and saw Senorita printing the test papers. Lizzie took a deep breath and walked over to Senorita. Senorita saw Lizzie and greeted a welcoming 'hello'.

"Hi, Miss Senorita." Lizzie greeted back. Senorita just nodded but looked at Lizzie's teeth. Her face showed disgusted.

"Umm…Lizzie, you have a little something right here." She said pointing to her upper teeth. Her teeth showed nothing at all, it's like invisible. Lizzie rubbed her teeth with her finger and stopped. Senorita shook her head.

"Still there."

Lizzie rubbed again.

"Still there."

And again.

"Still there."

Lizzie rubbed again and again until Senorita said stopped. "Ok! All done." She smiled and sat down. "So, what do you have to tell me?" Lizzie smiled.

"Ummm…well, some of the students are thinking for you to switch the Spanish to…" Her voice faded but spoke again with a higher note. "French!" Lizzie finished but saw Senorita's face.

"What! French? You must be joking because I have these French teacher that I hate named Mdm Croony what's her name and thinks she's-all-that." Senorita snapped her fingers with the line she's-all-that. "I'm sorry Lizzie but no way. You're just going to tell them to try their best."

Lizzie sighed and suddenly, she got a vision. She looked at the window and looked at Senorita. "Senorita, can you please tell the worker there to wipe the window again." With that, she left.

Senorita was confused but heard a pigeon chirping. She looked outside the window and saw that the worker was ducking from the pigeon's poo. If that's what you called it. The worker wipe off the white poo with a cloth. If that's going to work.

"Ok now, remember, team picture is going to be on Friday." Max said while Dean opened his locker with a basketball on his hand.

"Yea, sure, if I even get to be on the team." Dean said sadly while trying to put his basketball in his locker but it won't fit. "C'mon, stupid ball!"

Max saw this and quickly asked Dean to stop. "Wait, wait, wait! Turn it on it's side." He said, grabbing the ball from Dean's hand and showed how it's like. He tried putting the ball in but it still won't fit. "What? How come it's not like a football?" He asked Dean stupidly. Dean rolled his eyes and pushed Max away. "Go, Max, go." He said, pointing at the wall.

Max nodded and went straight to the wall. Obviously, his head went staring to the wall.

After an hour…

"Here's the ball. I won't be needing it anymore." As Dean handed the basketball to Raven. He was about to go away but Lizzie stopped him.

"Dean wait!" Dean looked at Lizzie and waited for what's she's going to say. "I'll give you the answers."

"Really? Omg, thanks Liz! You're on my back with this one. If you want a kidney, I'll personally…" He paused and think of something to say. "I'll personally find someone to donate for you that's all I do. So, what's the answers?"

"So you're postponing the test?" Raven said, nodding with Lizzie as Senorita shook her head and laugh.

"No. But I decided to make Spanish more fun, so I made a whole new test with whole new questions."

Lizzie and Raven nodded their head. "Oh, is it any easier?" Lizzie asked, smiling weakly.

Senorita laughed again. "No. But I printed it on pink paper and that says 'fun' to me." She said that as she go away. Lizzie and Raven looked at Senorita.

"We need to think of something!" They said in unison.

Lizzie and Raven are swinging on a scaffolding since it's broken, outside the window of Dean's classroom. Dean was stucking his head out the window to see why are they doing this.

"What are you doing!" He asked but whispered at the same time since Senorita is in the middle of the classroom hearing the songs of her Ricky Martin CD.

Lizzie swing past the left past window. "You got the-" Swings right side window. "Wrong answers!"

Raven was swinging herself. "Your teacher!" Swings past right. "She change the test!"

Dean wide eyes and got a worried look on his face. "What am I going to do? I don't know this stuff!"

Raven, who's still swinging said, "Just do!" Lizzie swing past her and continued. "The best!" Raven swing past the left window and finished the sentence. "You can!!!"

Dean sighed and close the window.

Suddenly, Lizzie and Raven had stopped swinging. They were back flat. Lizzie looked confused and walked towards Raven. "Raven, what are you doing?" Raven looked at Lizzie and said, "I'm not doing anything, Liz."

Lizzie looked up and saw a person that she didn't want to see. "The principle is…"

Raven looked up and smiled nervously. "Hi, Mr. Perkins!!! We'll be right up!

"Oh god, you got a C!!!" Lizzie shouted happily at Dean. Dean smiled. "I know, aren't I clever?" Dean said.

"Good job Dean." Raven congratulate Dean, smiling.

"Who cares? I mean, so what I'm on the team? No big deal." He said nervously. Raven and Lizzie smiled. "Just say it out loud Dean." They said. "Really?" Dean asked. Raven and Lizzie nodded their head.

"I'M ON THE TEAM, I'M ON THE TEAM, (shows outside of the school) I'M ON THE TEAM, (shows outside of San Francisco) I'M ON THE TEAM (shows the earth).

A/N: So, what do you guys think? Lol. Pretty funny but I think there's a few errors here and there. This is just the first episode. Remember, this is like the show That's So Raven but it's way more different. I'm just using the episodes but some of the episodes, I'll make it my own. Lol. So, you can say this is That's So Raven. But I haven't watch the full episodes, so, I'll just make some of my own! Lol. R & R!!!