I Won't Cry

Standing in a dazed trance

By the window's front

Wishing that the honest truth

Didn't have to be so blunt

Looking far past my reflection
Hoping to find an expression

Of my many lonely thoughts inside

And finally make this confession

I watch all that goes on outside

And just silently stare

It just can't be real

The true happiness that goes on out there

I'm drowning in memories

And thoughts of bad times

But that was before

When alcohol ate my mother's last dimes

Now no one really cares

Because it's not happening in the present

But that's because they don't know

The last major "event"

I shake off the thoughts

And stare into darkness

Embraced by silence,

Sorrow and starkness

But even through the trials

I promise I won't cry

I will promise to laugh, smile and love

Or at least I will try