A magazine pictures life:

A mom and a dad

A brother and a sister

All laughing and having fun

The girls in their floral dresses

Of course with bows in their hair

The lawn perfectly trimmed

The boys playing with the football

All of the food is perfectly made

Their table is perfectly set

A picnic is to be had

Everyone is amused

Nobody appears confused

Hollywood makes you think this is normal

And the life you live is unusual

As you sit at home and wonder


Never perfection within your house

Crayon on the walls

Ripped-to-pieces jeans on your girls

Loads of laundry to complete

Fast food; you diet's defeat

Crying children from scraped-up knees

You're going to be remarried tomorrow

You peer into the picture again

And laugh at the "normal" scene

Hollywood failed to convince you that your life is weird

So far from anything normal

Hollywood simply taught you:

Perfect isn't so normal

And normal isn't so perfect