Who am I?
I once thought I knew,
When the mirror told tales,
I lost grip of reality,
The pages of magazines,
Pictures on the silver screen,
And falsehoods placed in my mind.

Who am I?
I placed all the words,
Everything I was ever told,
And I found someone I never knew,
Imperfect and not quite right,
Someone who didn;t put up a fight,
And the mirror tells the tale.

Who am I?
A piece of glass reflects,
But my mind warps and alters,
And I can't seem to find,
The little girl I knew,
And the words of others become true,
And reality begins to fade.

Who am I?
I know who I am,
I'm the girl who cries herself to sleep,
Broken by the words of others,
I'm the girl forever searching for,
The person she is not anymore,
And the mirror tells tales,
And I wonder
Who am I?