"Charles, it's not what you think," Marcus tried to explain.

His longtime friend's face turned a darker shade of red. "Are you telling me you haven't been meeting with my wife secretly?" he demanded.

Marcus swallowed hard. "I have been meeting with her, but…"

Charles stood and Marcus was shocked to see the gun in his hand.

"Charles, please let me explain," he said quietly.

Charles arm shook as he raised the gun. "I think I've heard all I need to hear."

"Charles," the gunshot stopped Marcus's cry. His arm came to his chest as he felt where the bullet had pierced his skin. "Charles?" he slumped to the floor still clutching the bloody spot.

The door suddenly flew open and Marcia, Charles's wife, ran into the room. Her hand came to her mouth when she saw Marcus. "Charles, what have you done?" she ran to where Marcus lay and felt for a pulse. Her arm dropped and her face turned a ghastly shade of white. "He's dead, Charles," she whispered. She turned and stood. Her eyes widened. "You killed him," she said accusingly. "You killed him!"

In the argument that followed neither parent realized that their six-year-old daughter stood just outside the study door.


"Josh?" he heard his mother's voice before he saw her.

He managed a smile when his mother entered. "Hi, Mom."

She frowned and glided across the tiled floor to kiss his cheek. "I see you're working, as usual." She waved a manicured finger at her only son. "You work too much."

Josh sighed and leaned back in his chair. "I have a big case coming up this week."

"Why do you take on so much work? You know you could afford to stay home all day if you wanted to."

Josh stood and walked over to the large window. It looked out on the manicured gardens his mother insured were taken care of. "I couldn't just stay in the house all day long." He said.

His mother didn't reply. Finally she said, "I'm going to have tea with Caroline."

He nodded and remained quiet while his mother left. She had changed since his father's murder. When his father was alive his mother had only cared about being the most well-known woman in Charleston. Now she spent more time at the mansion and was always worrying about him. He understood why she did, but at times he did feel a bit smothered. He was twenty-six years old after all.

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