My Wishing Star

'Stars are made for wishing on'
My very best friend told me
So, I gazed upon a November night's sky
And I picked the brightest star I could see

I named my star diamond.
A very special name
Now that this star had a title
She was all mine to claim

I thought about what I wanted
Something that I could wish for
But as I thought about my wish, I realized
Into this process should go much more

Diamond should know my thoughts
Behind each and every wish
So, before I made my wish that night
I told Diamond this:

I could wish for money
Because that's likely what everyone wishes for
However to be rich, money is not a necessity
A person needs so much more

I could wish for that special boy to like me
And say those three special little words
But love is a much more sacred link
That comes on a path with thousands of curves

I could wish to be famous
To be someone other than myself
But self worth is measured by much more than
Having the most trophies on your shelf

Instead I want to be rich in spirit,
Sound in soul and mind
I wish that when I see the pot at the end of the rainbow
Character is what I will find

Instead I wish for understanding
And courage in matters of love
I pray I'll meet the special someone
And through tough times we will rise above

Most of all I wish for the ability to know and like
Who I am and what I have become to be
And I ask that you help me realize
That I am special even if that's not what I always see

I thank Diamond for listening to
My wishes and my dreams
And there she is shinning bright
No matter how dark it seems

Diamond listens to all I say
Even though she lives in a world so far
But no matter where either of us end up living
She will always be my wishing star