Another Imperfection

I was outlined in pencil

As a bunch of gray lines and dots

Traced by a small hand

Only to be smudged

I was tainted by a teardrop

From my artist's eyes

As I was considered imperfect

And ruined his demise

No longer has he prosperity

For I his best, have been destroyed

No longer beauty

But something to be avoided

As a crumbled piece of trash

I was taken far away

I lost my sense of worth

Senescence took that away

For I am only another imperfection

A drawing that has gone astray

So not even my creator can love me

Or by my side stay

I was picked up by a small child

That had faith that I could be

Something more than ashes

All his parents thought I could be

He smoothed my paper with his soft hands

And began to use his pastels

He gave my body color and life

And made me a story he tells

One will see through your impurity

One will see through all your pain

One will see you as more than an imperfection

Or something rather plain

Now I am a famous painting

A wonderful masterpiece

All because I stayed alive

When my artist's sadness could have been my defeat