My straightened hair scrunches back into curls. My hair once black from the water, turns back to its usual brown. Once again, I am left undisguised. Even the little bit of eyeliner I wore was washed and the curled eyelashes relaxed. I closed my eyes in the darkness. Incredible. The rush of the wind was thrilling. It sent chills down my body. A whole tree danced in the storm. They lightning lightened the sky. The thunder broke through the tranquility. Gray clouds rolled in so quickly. Myself, shown, bare in this storm. Cold. But not alone. With a friend by my side I sat. I faced the storm. I embraced the storm. I liked it. "Bring it on!" I could have screamed. I was winning. And I was still relaxing underneath the midnight sky. But when the sky started to spit upon me, I ran to watch from my window. It was inside my house, safe, that the storm looked like a fairytale but on the inside of it was where the adventure was lain. The thrill. The danger. Something that I always looked for in lifeā€¦Once again, found beneath the midnight sky.