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Prologue: The hatred commenced

"I don't need a freaking bodyguard." I stated, stomping and grumbling like a four-year-old, "I can take care of myself just fine."

My aged and wrinkly cash supplier, also known as dear daddy, sighed and slumped back on to his leather armchair, which creaked at his weight. Reflexively, he started pinching the bridge of his nose; anyone could have guessed he did this gesture quite often, seeing that he had about a trillion creases and folds on his face.

"Veronica, can you please listen to Daddy for once?' my dad sighed for the umpteenth time.

I snorted. "Daddy, can you please listen to Veronica for once?" I mimicked cheekily and was rewarded with a load cry of frustration from across the room.

As if in surrender, my dad buried his face in the old tree trunks he called his hands. "Please, sweetheart, it's for your own safety."

Seeing him so distressed made me soften a little. But just a little. I would not trade my freedom for anything. Too bad, maybe better luck next time old man.

"No." I said firmly, crossing my arms, "and that's final."

That seemed to have made him snap as he slowly lifted his face from his hands, determination written across his features. It was the countenance he usually held when holding a conference meeting and one that he had never shown at home. I gulped and began to brace myself inwardly. This was going to be bad.

"The maids are right," he said, with a tinge of annoyance, "you are too spoiled." So the maids had be talking behind my back, had they? Gossiping bitches.

I resisted the urge to say otherwise, and silently practiced my dagger-glaring skills at my father instead. But to my utter astonishment, he returned my stare with a glint of resentment in his eyes. Oh god, what happened to the family respect I was supposedly born with? Not that I was displaying much of it earlier on, but that was beside the point.

Our staring contest remained for a few minutes before Dad turned away and furrowed his brows. "I am afraid you are not given a choice here, Veronica." He finalized, and I immediately emitted a low feline growl.

"In fact," he continued, "I hired your new bodyguard yesterday, so there were no other alternatives to pick in the first place."

Aghast, I glared in horror at the beast that was my loving Daddy only 30 minutes ago. What? I wasn't given a choice about my own freedom? What happened to emancipation, liberation and all those crap?

God, do I really have to resort to the ultimate low? I asked myself as I began to fill my eyes with large crocodile tears. Well, I guess it was worth it with my liberation at sake.

Perfecting my puppy dog eyes, I trudged towards my beastly Daddy with hands clamped together in a pleading motion. My Dad stared at me with eyes as big as saucers as if I had magically morphed into a penguin (his favourite animal).

Satisfied with his reaction, I slowly let one single tear drop roll down my cheek dramatically. I inwardly laughed as he visibly cringed at the sight.

"Daaaaaaaddddddddddddddyyyyyyy" I pouted, eyes glistening and mouth quivering ever so slightly. "I just- just wanna have some freedom an- and privacy of my own."

Seeing the horrified look on dear Daddy's face, I began phase two and let my shoulders shivered as more tears glided down my cheeks. The drama courses I took last summer had finally came in handy.

"Sweetheart…" started dear Daddy as he wrapped his arms around my trembling form, once hidden from sight in his chest, I grinned evilly and was actually quite proud of my deftness.

"It's for your own safety," he urged on and I simultaneously let out a load sob, "There are a lot of kidnappers in this region and I just want you to be safe."

"But Dad," I sniffled, "sometimes, I just-st wish I could be normal for a change, so that, so that maybe, just maybe I can have more freedom like any other high school students," I explained while trying to sound in depth and persuading.

"Dear, trust me, I understand." Understand my ass.

"So… no bodyguards?" I asked, perhaps a little too quickly.

"Well… I can arrange for the guard to not be seen within several meters of your presence. I am sure that won't affect your daily routines and social life."

I wanted to hit him. I really wanted to; maybe a concussion would wake him to his senses. Why was he always so stubborn?

"But- b," I squeaked, turning on my tear glands once again.

"No buts, Veronica, I have already decided."

"No fair!" I threw up my hands in the air and my teary eyes were soon replaced by ones showing deep fury and indignation. "I hate you!" I finalised lamely and swiveled around to leave.

Reminding myself to break one of Daddy's favourite vases as soon as I stepped out of the room, I heatedly opened the gigantic amber door of the study… and stepped right into a wall.

A wall with two muscular arms which stopped me from the after impact of the collision, which is in another words, caught me before I descend every so gracefully to the ground.

The arms held me for a moment before releasing my falling form once I regained my balance. I found myself staring at a well-built chest and felt my face burnt up. My eyes slowly trailed upwards to the face of my rescuer and... the fist thing I saw was a pair of emerald green eyes piercing right back at me. Battered brown hair, which was masking his eyes slightly, was cut short and laid battered atop of a perfectly sculptured face. And his lips… they were certainly a killer, perfectly carved to give a natural pout. I could not help but stare at this perfect piece of art, I wondered what it tasted like if I jus–

"I'm glad you are here son," I faintly heard Dadkins said wearily as my imagination continued its way to Pluto, "erm… Veronica?"

"mhh… yea?" I said dreamily, eyes still set on the work of God in front of me. Screw the XX chromosomes, I was a hormonic female, what else was I suppose to do? There was only one word that could describe this guy standing before me…

"Veronica, I'll like you to meet Nick." … And it started with an H and ended with a T.

"Your new bodyguard." Daddykins continued to grumble annoyingly at the background.

"Uh-huh," I mused wearily. You got it; this guy was completely ho- wait. WHAT?

I pushed Nick away with tremendous speed and skidded 20 feet across the room. My bodyguard? I instinctively scrunch up my nose at the thought. The last time I checked I did not need one, thank you very much. And as my stomach filled itself with dislike and hatred, the idea that I had, just a few seconds ago, thought that he was hot disgusted me.

"I take back what I was thinking about you!" I blurted out, pointing an accusing finger at him.

"And what were you thinking about me?" Nick asked with a smirk.

His voice was quite low and rough and I would have liked it if he did not happened to be my bodyguard. The arrogance in his tone was also very apparent, which doubled the undying odium I felt for him in my stomach. If there was anyone who was going to be conceited, it would be me, and no body else.

"I was thinking of how much of a jerk you are," I explained, staring him down, which was kind of hard considering his six-foot frame, "but now I take that back, cause you are not a jerk, but a complete bastard."

"Language," intervened a worried Daddy, but his comments were ignored.

Nick, on the other hand, seemed unfazed. No, on the contrary, he seemed amused.

"Sure…" he commented slyly, as my eyes turned into a dark shade of auburn and flashed dangerously like flashlights on police cars.

A low growl emanated from my throat as I caught a glimpse of a scared Daddy bracing himself under the study table. "Oh dear… I'll have to order a new set of furniture, again…"

Indeed, he was right. Playing with my ire was a very dangerous matter; I could turn from a lovely little angel to a weapon of mass destruction in less than a second.

Yet, Nick's smile seemed to widen at my rising temper. But he would not be very soon, as I was going to rip that perfectly sculpted mouth off his face, literally. But before hell could break loose, Daddykins took advantage of the situation and jumped in between our showdown.

"That's enough Veronica," he consoled slowly, with his hands out stretch as if talking to a wild lioness, "You should… go back to your room now."

Still breathing heavily and glaring daggers at the grinning Nick at the far side of the room, I twirled swiftly around, stalked out the room and banged the door shut with all my strength.

From the slits of the door I could hear Dad's smoothing voice penetrating out into the corridor as I continued stomping my way to my room. "Excuse her behavior, she is… a little rude at times—" He was cut off by a loud crashing of glass dropped to the ground and he instantly groaned.

"That was the second one this week… my six-million-dollar China vase…"

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