Broken Melody

Emptiness rings within places unseen,

Echoing off of walls eroded by years of self inflicted pain

While the ground is washed clean by a river of tears and blood.


It never had to be this way,

Nor was it always this way.


There wasn't always a river of blood and tears,

Nor an ever echoing emptiness in a place filled with silence.

It used to be a peaceful, beautiful place of melodies and bliss.

No longer.


One lonely soul walks within this forsaken place

As wasted away and empty as the land.

She leaves behind a trail of bloodied tears,

And the ashes from her broken heart.


A sense of something missing blankets the place

Giving the air an acidic, bitter taste.

The sense of painful loss is almost tangible,

Weighing one down into pits of hopeless despair.


As the lonely soul continues on the path only she knows,

Her broken voice fills the air with an eerie, melancholic melody.

And as she sings, she slowly wastes away

Bit by bit she blows away upon the wind

Until nothing is left but her song

And a small silver ring

Sitting alone on the sand.