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Title: Sacrifice

Author: Melissa

Rating: PG-13/T

Pairings: Shounen-ai/Hetero

Warnings: Angst, Dark Themed, Language and some sexual content and innuendos, Violence, shounen-ai

Summary: Fate brings an infamous legend back into a town filled in mystery. There are those who question the credibility of the legend and those who believe every word. Faced with the injustices done to it, the legend returns to redeem himself and soon everyone will learn the tragic truth behind him. Shounen-ai and Hetero


Prologue: Entwined Destinies

By: Melissa Norvell

A lone girl stood in the darkness. her pale figure seeming to glow in ghostly light against the abyss surrounding her. This girl was filled with nostalgia of long ago. Long pale blue hair, gently danced in the light winds. Ponytail, trailing behind her like a streamer in the wind and eyes the same color as her hair holding a hollow feeling within them. It was as if she was dead and anyone would think this upon staring into them for too long.

"In this dark abyss…I'll always remain…I'm not dead, however…For I live in all who believe. I do not die, but I have a tendency to disappear without warning. Even though you left me so long ago, I still come to this place so full of nostalgia…Wishing silently for your return," the girl thought blankly to herself and her cold, observant eyes slowly glanced around the now lit surroundings.

It was a town of sorts, nothing but ruins of its former glory. The air was silent and all that could be heard was the gentle flapping of her plain black dress against the air. The sky was grey and a disturbing feeling of an odd mix of death, destruction, grief and peace hung in the air. In front of this young girl, a top of a barren hill an old hanging post was built. The noose swayed hauntingly in the air, and it was hard to imagine how many had hung from it over the course of time.

The small female cast a significant look to the post before slowly looking down at her hand. In it she held a single beautiful feather of the purest shade of white. In the sun, this feather would have shown an almost silver color, but since it was dim only a small fraction of this sheen came through. It really did the one gorgeous feather no justice.

"Nothing changes…" She spoke to herself, her voice small and weak but somehow holding dread to it. "Should I simply give up on you?"

Pale blue eyes softened their gaze before she spoke again.

"Everything's at peace…This part of town is off-limits to those who even reside here. People would rather forget it, but small children go adventuring here…" she said as two young boys ran by her, laughing innocently and messing with each other as young boys do. A moment of silence seemed to fly by before the two boys all of a sudden collapsed to the ground, still as statues.

The echo of light clacks from Mary Janes could be heard for a distance as the young girl walked mechanically over to the fallen children, silent eyes which held none of the light's reflection gazed over them. The children had a single jet black feather protruding from their backs. This feather was oddly reminiscent and held the same silver sheen as her white one.

"He's come back…"

To Be Continued

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