People walk continually around me

My prone figure they prefer not to see.

Pain filled eyes stare at the many feet

While my ignored hand stretches out in defeat.

The blood slowly stains the ground

And still people refuse to look around.

Silent tears run down my cheeks

As my future seems ever bleak.

Seeing everybody causes a small desire

One that would hopefully evoke no ire.

A simple request to gain a hug

And not made to feel worth less than a bug.

To hear lies whispered into my ears

To be told that I am somebody dear.

Yet this can never be something true

For why would 'Mr. Perfect' feel blue?

If only the people around me knew

My blood ran in rivulets like grass covered in dew.

But as always nobody would care

Even as I lay my soul laid bare.

And so I lie here crying in pain

Attracting only looks of disdain.

Hoping that one day I may find

Somebody that cares for me and truly is kind.