I tied a rope today
One that could hold my weight
I made a knot at the steel rafter
So I could die faster
When I jump into my pit of despair
I won't fall, I'll just hang there

Oh and if you could see it
Your heart would race your mind to salt
Oh and its really nice here
Hundreds of channels and everything on is good

I had a coronary this morning
It was like I expected, fairly boring
Just another pain in my chest
Endured through it like all the rest
Your face looks like you're stuck in a yawn
Or is it the same shock from finding me on the lawn
A dragon, a plane, a killer clown looking insane
A cross, a tommy gun, an oldsmobile with a big boot
I'm not full of crap, more like guts and blood

Oh and if you could smell it
You might reach for the ozium
Oh and its really colorful here
Clever details defined in black and white