by Jenina

Written on May 27, 2007

Word Count: 2,358

'Whoever invented the dance club is either a genius or a moron that should be slapped silly.'

Mackenzie wandered around the club aimlessly, alternating between sighing and observing the dancers on the floor.

'Genius because dancing alone sucks and you're not frowned upon for dancing with a stranger. Moron because not dancing sucks even more than dancing alone. Especially when you're not allowed to leave.'

"Mackenzie!" Sarah snapped Mackenzie out of her musings. "Ugh, how did I know you would do this? You're so predictable, Kenzie. You haven't danced all night! What is wrong with you?"

Mackenzie frowned at her blonde bombshell of a best friend. "I just don't want to dance, Sarah. Is that so bad?"

Sarah rolled her eyes. "Yes, duh. Very of the bad if this is my party and you promised that you wouldn't bring down the atmosphere! You look so depressing on the sidelines." Ah, Sarah. Mackenzie could always depend on her best friend to not sugarcoat her words.

"Well if I bring down the atmosphere, I'll just leave…" Mackenzie made to leave, but Sarah was too quick, latching onto her arm with her fake fingernails.

"Mackenzie," Sarah pouted. "You promised you'd stay. And plus," the pout turned into a decidedly evil grin. "you're not getting away that easy. I still have stuff I can guilt you with. Like when you said you would give me a cookie last week and you completely forgot and my day was completely miserable because of it…"

"Oh come on, Sarah," Mackenzie exclaimed. "What big difference did a cookie or lack of one make on your day?"

"Fine," Sarah said, suddenly loosing her grip. "Great best friend you are…" She ambled away slowly and Mackenzie rolled her eyes before falling into Sarah's trap.

"Alright, alright, I'll stay." Sarah's demeanor changed immediately as she grinned and gave Mackenzie an impromptu hug. "You can't keep doing that to me, you know! I can't be walked all over like this—"

"Yay, great! Seriously, go wild for a bit. You may just enjoy it." Mackenzie's wayward best friend squealed. "'Bye Mackenzie!"

Mackenzie sighed as her best friend flounced off. "And there she goes."

"And there who goes?"

"My best friend, if you can really call her that. I don't even know why we hang out. I've always been Predictable Kenzie. I guess I can live with that, though. I can deal with the whole always-being-called-to-pick-up-drunk-friends. I can survive. I can marry Mr. Predictable and we can make Predictable Juniors. That's a pretty decent plan if I do say so myself. I mean, it's better to be predictable than to be completely unreliable, right?"

"Of course."

Mackenzie gasped as she suddenly realized she wasn't talking to herself. She pivoted on her heel to find the source of the voice.

And find it, she did.

He was gorgeous. He could grace the cover of a magazine with his looks. Mackenzie's ex-boyfriend was a nice boy – too nice, in fact, to the point of being boring and unexciting. She was predictable enough for two people and she didn't need a man who just emphasized it even more.

But this beautiful being, she bet he wasn't predictable at all. He was dressed in all black --- black leather jacket, black jeans, black boots. He looked bad. Not bad as in unfortunate-looking bad. He looked like someone your mother would pull you away from if he were ever to walk down the street near you. You would docilely follow orders, but you'd find yourself lusting after him in your dreams. Mackenzie could barely make out his figure underneath his form-fitting black t-shirt. What abs that shirt must be covering… Mackenzie found herself almost licking her lips at the thought.

"Hi," she stuttered out, feeling small all of a sudden. 'Great, Mackenzie. That was just great. Seduce him with all your stuttering sexiness, why don't you.'

"Hi, yourself," he returned, grinning slightly. She noticed he had very white teeth and unnaturally large canines. Huh.

"Uh… are you a friend of Sarah's?" Mackenzie mentally slapped herself on the forehead. 'Stupid question. Why else would he be here?'

"Yeah, her apartment's below mine," he replied easily. 'Oh god, he's British. The accent… Come on, knees, stop trembling, you can do this…'

"Oh… uh, that's cool." Mackenzie cursed herself for never practicing flirting with guys like Sarah suggested her to do.

An awkward silence passed between them.

"Wanna dance?"

"Yeah, okay."

Mackenzie wondered by what string he was pulling her with as she compliantly followed his lead onto the dance floor. A fast beat was currently playing and she watched with growing dread as he led her to The Spotlight, the one spot in the whole place that was illuminated clearly for all to see. Most everyone avoided The Spotlight, as not very many of them knew how to dance very well and didn't want to flaunt it.

"I really don't think--" she started.

"Shhh… Trust me."


Where was this sudden submissiveness coming from? He stopped abruptly and Mackenzie realized they were under The Spotlight. He turned around to face her and her breath got knocked out of her lungs. 'He has cheekbones to die for…'

Without realizing it, the two had started to move against each other, not really following the beat of the music. 'Oh my god. Where did he learn those moves from?' Mackenzie's hands slid around his neck out of their own accord as her hips instinctively rubbed against his. His hands, which had slid to her sides, suddenly turned her around so that he was breathing on her neck. Her eyes slipped shut, enjoying his presence behind her.

"I'm Sawyer, by the way." 'There goes that accent again.'




Mackenzie's breath hitched as his mouth placed a soft kiss underneath her ear on the side of her neck. The voice that pounded against the side of her head screamed at her. 'Stranger! This is a stranger! You don't know who this is! What are you doing?' She mentally shoved the nagging voice to the far recesses of her mind. Sarah had told her to let loose, and let loose she would.

She felt those same lips descend and finally reached the juncture of her neck. A tongue darted out to taste her skin and she whimpered slightly. What was this man doing to her?

Mackenzie's question was answered when she felt his face shift slightly and something punctured her neck. Her eyes snapped open and she screamed and struggled her way out of his grasp.

She whirled around to face him, her hand on her neck where he had attacked her.

"Did you just bite me?" she exclaimed disbelievingly. The people around them didn't seem to notice that anything was wrong and continued gyrating against each other.

"I did," he – Sawyer – replied unapologetically.

"Okay, one, that's really creepy. Two, I just met you! And three, you freaking BIT me! Ow! Pain! Holy crap, I'm bleeding!" 'You're so not bleeding. Faker.'

"Done yet?"

"No! You bit me! What kind of cannibal are you? God, I knew you were going to be unpredictable but this pretty much takes the cake. Takes the whole freaking bakery!"

"About that…"

"Okay, now I'm done."

"That didn't hurt at all and you know it."

"It's the thought that counts." Mackenzie found herself pouting, of all things. Who was this guy? "Hello with the creepy! Not cool to go around biting strangers!"

"You know my name."

"Point being?"

"We're not strangers."

"You—you, just… ugh! Why are you so frustrating? You could've warned me. That would've been a nice courtesy. Or maybe you could've worn an 'I bite, ask me why!' button."

"I could've."

"But you didn't."

"I didn't."

"I… I… ugh! Why are you biting people anyways? That's just… weird!"

Mackenzie watched with fascination as his face changed before her eyes. It morphed into a beautifully horrific face of a—


"Guess so."

"Oh." 'You have a great choice in men, Mackenzie. Go from Mr. Predictable to Mr. Fangy. Oh, what will Mom say when she sees me now…'

"So… are you going to eat me now?" 'Remove foot from mouth, Kenzie, and maybe you can survive the night.'

"Depends," Sawyer replied, leering at her.

"On what?"

"On how hungry I am." Sawyer threw a look at her showing just how hungry he was, although she wasn't certain if it was for sucking her blood out or something else completely…

An awkward silence fell between them. None of the people around them seemed to notice or care that the people in The Spotlight had stopped dancing and that one of those said people's face became a bit more gruesome. Didn't notice, or didn't care. Mackenzie didn't know which.

"Can you let go of the fang face now? You look prettier without it." Mackenzie almost clapped a hand to her mouth. 'Did I really just say that…?' Sawyer lifted up a shoulder carelessly and shook his head side-to-side, like a dog shaking off water. His unnaturally attractive face was revealed to her once again.

"So." 'And the Oscar goes to Mackenzie Myers, for her amazing skill in starting conversations…'


"You wanna dance?"


To hell with it. Being predictable sucked anyways.

Mackenzie didn't really drink that much. She usually glanced at her hungover friends and wondered what the big deal was about this "hangover". Surely it didn't hurt that much.

'Tell that to my blinding headache,' she thought, holding her head between her arms and the soft pillow beneath her. The satin covering the pillow didn't do anything to help ease the pain.

'Wait. I don't use satin on my pillows. What the… Where am I?' Mackenzie timidly raised her head above the cushion and groaned as her eyes met the face she dreaded ever seeing again.

"Hello, love."

"Don't call me that. People who bite me don't get to call me love."

"But people you have sex with do."

Mackenzie moaned in pain and slammed her face back into the pillow, partly to hide her enflamed cheeks and partly out of shame. 'Don't remind me.'

Oh, she had let loose her inhibitions alright. Too much. After dancing with Sawyer for most of the night, the two had settled down to downing what seemed like gallons of tequila. 'Okay, exaggeration, but still. We drank a lot.' After that, it felt natural to move the party to his apartment (more specifically, to his bed).

A knock resounded, which sent shockwaves of pain through her head. "Sawyer! The door!" Mackenzie's pained yell was muffled, considering the fact that her face was still firmly planted in her pillow. She felt the bed creak from under her, signifying that Sawyer had gotten up and was now trudging to the door.

"Hey Sawyer, I need a bit of help with the pipes—oh my God, Kenzie, is that you?!"

Just what she needed. A best friend freaking out over her current state.

"Sawyer, you manwhore you, when you said you were taking home a girl, I didn't think you meant Kenzie!"

"Who else did you think I mean?"

"Not sure, now. Oh my gosh, Mackenzie. When I said 'go wild' I didn't expect that you'd take me seriously!" A giggle reverberated through the room. Mackenzie lifted her head from the pillow slowly.

"Sarah, please just shut up." The head slammed back down to its original place.

"Ooh, touchy."

"Yeah. Wait until she remembers the fangs."

Mackenzie's head shot up with the rest of her body. "Vampire!" she cried out, fumbling for something to defend herself with. She failed miserably and only succeeded in tangling her legs in the blankets and falling face-first on the floor. Mackenzie lay immobile on the ground.


"Geez, way to go, Sawyer. You killed Kenzie."

"Whoops?" Mackenzie felt herself being lifted up by strong arms and placed unceremoniously on the bed. Again, she was face-to-face with the cause of all the problems.

"Hi." A wave of shyness went through her as she dragged the blankets around her body to cover her shoulders.

"Hi, yourself." His tone was all smugness and male pride. Mackenzie blushed.

"Whoa, déjà vu."

"Don't kill yourself."

"You did a nice enough job of it." 'Even if we never see each other again, I'll never forget that part…'

"I did, didn't I?" Sawyer shifted in place and the blanket slid down his torso. Mackenzie's eyes were drawn to the revealed skin and found she was drooling. She struggled to formulate a response.

"Get yourself a trophy."

"I've got one. You." He moved closer now, sliding his hand under the blanket to rest on her hip. Mackenzie's breath hitched, as it always seemed to do around him.

"That's the lamest line ever," Mackenzie spit out, unconscious of anything coming out of her mouth. But his eyes were so blue

"It worked, didn't it?"

"No… yes… stop it. I am not blushing." 'Stop burning, cheeks. You're not helping my argument at all.'

"Never said you were." He was nuzzling the side of her face now and she let out a content sigh when he nibbled on her ear lobe. He continued on a path down her neck, placing butterfly kisses as he went and—

"Ow! You bit me! Again."

"Was trying to shut you up. Didn't quite work."

"Of course it didn't work! Will you stop reminding me that you're a vampire so that I can enjoy the morning after great sex for a little bit?"

"Can't really help what I am, love."

"There are better ways to shut me up, you know."

"Like what?"


Sarah rolled her eyes from the door. Finally, the two were kissing. It took long enough. She turned on her heel and left, hollering behind her, "Sawyer, I still need help with my pipes! And since you're here Kenzie, can I sleep in your room for a bit? My apartment's a bit wet."

A pillow was thrown in her direction and Sarah barely had the time to duck.

"Well geez. I know when I'm not wanted…"

Author's Note: I sort of answered my own challenge, since I really liked the idea of it. I had trouble ending this story since I didn't really know where I would take it in the first place. Mostly this is an example for all those who are unsure as to how to interpret challenges. But here it was:

Challenge #8 - With Bite


1) Must be a one-shot, Minimum 1000 words.

2) Plot: Protagonist wandering around in a club, meets someone, they flirt, then dance, and the person bites protagonist. You can take it from there.

3) Must have the quote, "Did you just bite me?" and/or "Not cool to go around biting strangers!"

4) Must involve a cookie. Of some sort.

5) Large doses of humor.


1) cannibals. As much as that'd be fun to write, it wouldn't be too fun for me to read.

2) long, meaningful moments. This challenge is meant to be quick, light, and fun.