Everyday the feeling inside my head and heart fiercely aches to see him.

Like a pestilence and the only known cure is him.

A ruby bandana tied in his curly russet hair and his coffee light eyes staring calmly toward the distance.

He flawlessly knows what to say and when to say it.

I dread the moment when I have to leave him and

uncertainty leaves me spinning in circles again.

As if I were a fragile, priceless piece , treats me gently.

My pulse beats faster and I'm sure I'll drop dead any moment.

How much I care for him I cant explain.

Without him I feel like a butterfly trapped in a dark jar .

His words are deadly weapons who could choose to destroy me or save me.

He told me he loved me one day under the moonlit sky and

I told him I loved him too but made it seem like I meant it in brotherly way.

He smiled weakly, and told me he wishes we would always remain good friends.

I told him I do too but it probably won't happen and walked away, his stunned brown eyes looking back at me. Rejecting is painful I know, but I cant have him close to me anymore.

I know sooner or later our feelings will change and will leave the other full of grief.

Anonymous I name him.