what's right with this picture?

in magazines
on movie screens
smiles glow like radiation
from girls with bleach blonde hip-length wigs and
bird neck wrists snapping under the weight
of perfection
on their
beautifully rounded shoulders.

while in their rooms teens sit with
puke-ruined teeth
flipping through the magazines
scissors in their hands
"inspiration inspiration
with their size zero jeans slipping off
and their bleach blonde hair turning white.

and atheletes
muscled, steriod-pumped
make the winning goal
head home to their billion dollar mansions and screw
anyone besides their wife
but could not tell you
12 x 12
or where Shakespeare was born.

and red-eyed boys
snort white lines off mirrors
while over and over they hear in their head
you are not
are not
good enough
by people who've never had to make
their bruises into songs.

politicians grin from podiums
and their wives with up-turned noses wave
agreeing to forget about
the little boy porn found on laptops,
the dirty cash
hidden safely away.

and they have never been told
what you're doing is not right
unlike the beautiful boys
holding each other on park benches
shaking from the cold
because someone's mom walked in on them kissing
and didn't notice the love in their eyes
or didn't really care.

and can you tell me
what's right with this picture?