being thankful.

I really appreciate that you were there for me

when I gave up in the fight to save myself

but now it's the last favor that I'm asking for

you must become a lion to push me,

like if I were its child, down into ravines

I want to reach the goal by my own strength

don't get mad at me if I'm leaving home.

I get deluded too much by your grace

you used to say: hold on to me

'cause you have no one else but me.

so I hit the floor, when I opened my eyes,

I saw you weren't so special

you who were my hero, there's no guarantee

I found out that I have someone else but you

this is me

yeah, I couldn't die for you

even if you're everything to me 'cause,

I should live for me.

it's ok, if today, I can't spread my wings

I will fly tomorrow

there's a time, there's a place

for some plan of living

so don't show me the future

I need to keep the doubt

to know I'll live another day.

it's ok, if today, I'm not heard

if you want to listen to me tomorrow

it's ok, if today, we can't stay together

there's a time, there's a place

for some plan of living.