The day was rusty with sunshine; the grass seemed to smile with its green-ness. A house, moderately large, sat quaintly on an acre in the middle of a growing subdivision. Two large decks hung lazily off the side. On one of them was a girl.

Her thighs ached from the night before. The party had been crazy and slightly boring, but it had gone by in a blur. She remembered getting involved in a fifteen minute Dance, Dance Revolution marathon on the most extreme level with less than a one minute break in between rounds. She played games and connected with people she had never talked to but had always wanted to. Today, she sat on her deck, staring absent mindedly into space, just as her father had done when he fell farther into insanity. It'd been hours since she had last moved. She just sat there, still and staring in the heat.

Someone was walking down the street. They had hair the color of orange popsicles; it was a fire in the sunshine. She blinked a few times; surely, she must have been dreaming, or hallucinating. He walked to her and he smiled. His teeth sparkled brightly as they always had, and there was dirt under his finger nails as if he had just finished planting flowers. He walked up and took her hand. Her heart felt lighter at his touch and presence, and felt ready to explode. They stood there and stared into each other's eyes.

This day was not supposed to come to be, yet there he was and so was she. They walked slowly hand in hand. Nobody looked at them. He laughed and smiled, he told her he liked how her brown hair shone deep red in the sunlight. She watched his mouth slowly film the words as he spoke. She laughed and it echoed through the neighborhood. People looked around for the source of the noise but after not finding it, returned to what they were doing.

She blinked and they were in the place where they first met, she blinked again and she was watching herself and the boy's first car ride. He would try to talk to her and she would only snap back with witty but harsh comments and then return to sleep. She began to cry, and she felt him slide his arm around her. Her crying stopped and when she opened her eyes, she saw herself sliding down the side of the rail road tracks, unable to keep balance on the rocks. He looked coolly at her and offered her his hand. She took it sheepishly. The two watched themselves sit on their separate rocks, and she sighed and leaned over to rest his head on her shoulder. The curls on her head spilled playful over it and she sighed contentedly.

She blinked again and they were walking through the cemetery back to the house. He walked two inches in front of her because he had the flashlight. Occasionally he would stop and put his hand out, protecting her. She would grab it, and revel in its strength and walk on again. When they were back at the house, and everyone but them had gone inside, she saw him close the back hatch. She saw her attempt at feebly helping, even though it wasn't needed, and she remembered his hand on her back. It left her breathless and weak.

She re-lived the ride home, and laughed at their first fight. Her heart felt heavy as she realized she never got the chance to prove him wrong about the singer of that particular song. After he was gone she would count the days until he would return; she reached 4 years, 330 days.

Through the next memory he was gone, both in actuality and with her. She re-lived her first painful time back. She sat and stared painfully as she walked numbly running her fingers over things, and sighing. But then in a magnificent swirl of color and sub-consciousness, they were back together.

They both would never make it to 4 years, 331 one days apart as they both died, no one knows for sure what the cause was. Some say heat stroke from too much time outside, some say heartbreak. They always did the love the outdoors. Legend has it, if you go back to the river where they first sat in silence, exchanged glances and touches, you can hear her laughter like music, and see them dancing on the train tracks. If you go back to where their ashes were sprinkled in death, you can see where they both came alive.