This is quite random. I already know. )

What Wish You?

Wishes are funny things. Some people would ask for a date with the hot guy who always sits at the table next to yours in the cafeteria, while others wish for cancer to be cured. My wish is different, something I don't think anyone has decided upon wishing. It's a funny wish. Literally.

Wishes tell people who you are. It's like a reflection of your personality, and other people can see if you're greedy, simple, kind, generous, or a even a tiny bit insane. Really, what would you think if someone wished for the biggest bowl in the world of Rice Krispies with orange juice instead of milk, and socks (they're clean socks, mind you) draped over the edge of the bowl and an enormous palm frond for a spoon?

If you wish for a disease to disappear off the face of the Earth, there are still a hundred diseases that people suffer from every day. Even if you wished for all the diseases to be forever gone, more diseases will come, each worse than the preceding. If you wish for a BMW, the only person, really, you help is yourself, even if you do look pretty nice riding around on a hot summers day.

My wish is that everyone laughs, and laughs hard for a long time. It doesn't matter if you snort, or if it sounds more like you're inhaling and exhaling really hard when you laugh. Someone else in the room snorts too, you can bet on that. I wont deny it, I think I snort too.

Now why on Earth would I have people laugh? Because everyone can laugh, but not everyone has the chance to, and I think everyone should. Also, when everyone laughs, how can there be any authority? There can't. That's why kings would help servants off the floor, and prison guards would hand prisoners tissues to dry their tears of laughter. Everyone would be equal, even if just for five minutes.

I have found that making people laugh gives me such pleasure, I feel as if a great balloon is swelling inside of me, and I can't stop smiling. I want everyone to be happy, purely happy together, no matter what their situation, and by making everyone around me smile and laugh, it gives me the greatest reward I could ask for. Laughter blocks all darkness and lets the light shine through, so never stop hoping, never stop dreaming, and never stop laughing.