A/N: tim thought dis was amazing! hope u do 2! plz don't flame these r my feelings and I will be so sad if u h8 me. this ish my 1st poem but theres more 2 com!

I hate my life

It is not ur propirty

U betch, i luv 2 see

The tears on mi face when i slit

My virgin wrists in sacrifice to

Amon ra!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My life ish a black abysz

Its dark cold lifeless

Im trying to excape but its tightening its grip

Every day is a torment

My life is a broken pen on the ground

Crushed and forlorn by the masses

I wish someone cared but until then its only the blood and the tears

My life is like the caterpillar on sarah's porch

All fuzzy and decorated with blissful joy!

But the fake joy outside on my catershell

Is falling off as the days slide by in perfect

Synchronized agony! Agony! Agony! My

Delusions of grandeur are limited to my

Fur, i am the caterpillar, the caterpillar without

A HEART!!!!!!!! Take me satan, take my soul!!!1!

My life is a pile of pencil shavings

The worthless cast-off remnants

My inner demons

Will onlie go awayz if i burn them

Wit the bloodstained match that lighteds

Mi dark twisted soul on fire. I h8 my life

I want 2 dye so bye dis poems over.