A/N: Well its me jessie im back! sumthin horrible happened dis week so I expresed myself by writing this. im not quite over it but tim was rly great about it I LOVE U TIM.

u know I don't want to say it

but I cant get over u I

saw u in the hall with him

through the dark fog shrouding my eyez



and my heart bleeds darkness

life flows thru my veins crimson and warm

with the blade of vengeance I release it

tristan I miss u plz come bak 2 mi

but ur so far away

in a place of happiness clouds and sun

where I will never go

my soul damned to wander the earth forevir

because I am a child of bleak eternity

or maybe its all torment



punishment for the sins ive inflictid on miself

and others

flip thru the magazines

happiness beauty allure

my soul longs to b

plastered in the pages

to be a part of the grace desire life

tristan u wanted me 2 b that

but my path is of death sorrow and agony

a fallen angel

doomed to chaos