A/N: 2day I saw the saddest thing ever these ppl were killing cute fuzzy caturpillars by spraying window cleener all over them! they cliamed the caturpillars ate bark off trees so the trees dyed but that's still not an excyuse. no one likes trees anway there pointless. the caturpillars were rly adorable all black and fuzzy so yea I wrote this poem to describe wat the caturpilars must have ben feeling.

once I was happy

a carefree life

sun trickling through leaves

then that stinging rain falls from the hevens


I try to cry out but it fills my throat



as my life is rushed away in a wave of acid

I can only wonder why?

this senseless act of depravitie

Im paying for sins I never commited


the acid rushed down my poor

body like a river coursing through

the dense jungles of the brazil in

rain season. my life is extinguished!!!

a flood of torment washes away my hopes

of salvation!

everything swept away into oblivion

in a tempist of raging burning foam

fire all around but now the pain is fading

as consious leaves mi

the sun shines agin

but its so dim and far away