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Summery- Eric the high school hottie, who made everyone drop with his very presence. Tie the Emo Goth guy who wants to be with his kind and his kind alone. Put them together in a closet and you get something very interesting. (Yaoi M Slash possibly some twin-cest you have been Warned.)

Welcome to my Closet

Eric sat in the café his well toned ass perched on the table with the rest of the Preps, his tight blue tee clinging to his abs and his semi-baggy jeans hanging from his waist. His blond hair hung perfectly in his ice blue eyes framing his face, his voice so masculine and relaxed. Julie sat below him arms resting on his knees; her short blue mini skirt clung to her small frail body the blue tank-top barely holding in her size C breasts. The funniest thing is that Julie and Eric are twins but everyone seems to think that they're a couple. Her long blond hair hung to mid back and blue eyes shimmered as she watched her older brother talk among his friends as she leaned on him, she turned her gaze to the door just as Tie and Alec came in. Tie's black hair was spiked at the front with pink highlights through it, his baggy tee and tight emo pants clinging to his form. Tie's silver contacts shimmered with boredom as they traveled around the café. Julie jumped up walking to him and jumping on him for a hug, her legs wrapped around his waist as he held her ass. Alec just shook his head with a smile his black chin length hair shimmering in the sunlight, his tight tee and pants moving with his every muscle.

"Hey, what's up hun" Tie's angelic voice chimed as she climbed down off her very interesting friend.

"Oh not a lot, Eric's talking to his friends again" she replied gently kissing Alec before gazing around to ensure no one was watching.

"Why do you two hide it? You're so right for each other" Tie stated as he walked to the farthest corner of the café, and where he happed to have the perfect view of Eric's ass. He slumped down in the chair with a sigh, "At least you have someone, me here, you know it's really hard to find a guy who likes you in this school"

"Oh cheer up, I'm sure there's someone secretly head over for you" she said taking the seat beside them. Eric watched his younger half practically bounce over to the emo the one that made him sick with feelings. Then of course there was Julie's secret boyfriend who was best friends with Tie, Tie was just so distant about everything.

Eric's POV

I sat there is Biology at the back watching him, again, it's like every time I see him I can't take my eyes off of him. The way he just sits there listening to his IPod, drawing in that… that book… no one's ever actually seen it.

"Eric and Tie… Ok you're doing Yaoi… Julie and Jessica Yuri…." She just went around the class naming off each of our partners for the 'Different ways to express sex in the media' Of course Tie… my partner and of course, Yaoi. He didn't even flinch, like he didn't even care that he was partnered with me, fine two can play this game.

Tie's POV

I could hear her, I defiantly was happy that I got Yaoi but… Eric… why Eric? Did she know I liked him or was it just to piss me off; man sometime she can be one creepy teacher. I scribbled one last touch to my drawing then closed my book turning the song, I could feel someone pull up a chair but didn't move just turned the music up. Eric tapped my shoulder after sometime I opened my eyes to look at him, his blue ones smiling on me; I took a headphone out with a huff.

"What" I stated with a glare, he just shook his head then placed his books back down.

"Well since you don't want to work hear then were going to have to go to my place to finish this tonight, I don't want to fail and I know you know more than me with Yaoi" he said with a smile.

"Is that supposed to hurt me?" I could hear the lameness in my voice as I brushed off the obvious insult.

"No but it's still my point, so your coming over after school today" he said back gathering his things.

"And if I refuse? I do have things to do" I said with a hint of sarcasm. His mouth was so close to my face, before I knew it he had managed to get so close. He smiled looking at me from across the table, his breath heated as it fell on my skin.

"You don't want to know…." He took a breath, "What I will do if you don't, Tie" my name sliding off his lips like he was trying to seduce me. People say it only works on girls but I'll tell you it does leave an impression in us. My body shivered as he walked to the door, I put the headphone back in placing my head in my hands. This was going to be a Long night.

Eric POV

I leaned up against the car as he approached in an even pace, his look gazed over me with interest but he never said anything so whatever, he unlocked the door turning to me.

"What do you want" he said voice laced with irritation, my smile spread slightly.

"I told you…… you're coming to my place after school, so that we can finish that paper" I said gently pushing myself off of his car. "Now follow me in your car" he looked shocked that I was ordering him around but regardless he got in and followed me while I reviewed my informationfor our paper.


We pulled in to his drive way in about 15 minutes his 3 floor house standing above it; he stood at the door as I walked up the stairs.

"Hey, don't gape…. It's not that good" Eric stated calm as always, I stood there quite as he opened the door and walked in following him.

"Mom I'm home and I brought a friend, were going up stairs to work on our Social Media's project" we walked past the kitchen where his mom was cutting up things, her long blond hair held up in a neat bun and a very house wife like look to her. I followed Eric up the stairs to the top floor, he opened the door and pushed it aside letting me slip in first, his chest and mine gently rubbing together. I swore he held his breath when we touched but I think I was imaging it, I stood in the room, which was way more Emo then I would have imagined. The walls were black with pictures of artist covering the walls everywhere; from them topless to singing on stage, I mean it was like a fan girl's room. I turned to see Eric pulling his top off, he had a fishnet tee underneath his muscles pulling and moving, I was lost in the thoughts of him he pulled his pants down and slipped on baggy, black pants.

"You can sit on the bed you know" he said loudly, startling me, I fell onto the bed backwards with a bounce. I looked up to see him sitting on the bed beside me. "So what do you want to present about Yaoi?"

"Ummmm well…. We could…..ummmm….. Talk about….. Ummmm….." my breath wasn't coming and my throat was dry, I never in a thousand years would have thought that I would end up feeling for Eric, his perfect form, those abs that I just had to touch. I could feel myself going towards him, but my body wouldn't stop, Eric just sat there watching me his eyes following my movements. I stopped reaching past him to grab the notebook that he'd left beside him, thank god. "We could talk about how different and indifferent sex is between Heterosexuals and Homosexuals."

"How am I suppose to know the differences, Ive never been with a guy before" Eric stated plainly moving to sit across from.

"It's not hard to explain, just because you haven't experienced it doesn't mean that you don't understand it." I smiled and opened my sketch book looking down at the beautiful morning doves cuddling eachother from earlier. I hadn't quite finished the details of the garland and doves during class.

"What are you drawing?" Eric moved to sit beside me, everyone wanted to know what I was always drawing and Eric was no different.


"Why?" Eric watched over my shoulder as I shaded in the details.

"They stand for love and happiness and they also stand for hope. I liked them and so I drew them no crime there" I watched him closely as his face neared mine looking at the picture from over my shoulder. I could smell the musk of his cologne as he breathed on my photo, before I knew what I had done my lips met Eric's brushing slightly before pulling away quickly. I watched his face as he gazed at me reaching behind and kissing me I could feel the stirring in my gut.

Eric POV

I could hear a knock at the door and the pressure from Tie's pants, but the fucking knocking. I pushed Tie off jumping up and walking to the dresser leaning as he laid down on the bed. The door opened and Julie walked in her short mini skirt and white tank standing out in my very dark room, "So Yaoi is Japanese for Boy on Bo….Julie?" I stated as she walked in.

"Eric? Tie? What's going on?" she stood shocked bombarding them with questions and annoying judgments.

"Tie and I have a project. We were discussing Yaoi when u knocked?" I said back sitting at my desk, legs crossed so that she couldn't see my growing arousal at Tie's confusion.

"Oh ok… well I just came to ask if u had my Se7en CD I'm going out for a bit and I need it"

"Yea hear" I through it to her as she walked out" I quickly got up and locked the door, turning to Tie.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that" his voice sounded so small, I walked over grabbing his chin pulling his lips up to mine in a heated kiss, his lips parted as I plunged my tongue into his mouth tasting him eagerly. I pulled back opening my eyes to see him staring at me with scared eyes, I grabbed his hand and pulled him to the walk in closet over to the side I sat him on the small bed hidden in there. "Don't move ok, I'll be right back" I said running to the bathroom to grab some towels and other random things.


I sat in the dark closet, watching the dark, why would he do that? I mean I've always liked him but, he's straight and he doesn't like me, but that kiss was so filled. Eric walked back in and closed the door, sitting on the floor bed, he put the things he got off to the side, it was dark and I couldn't see well so I just left that be, I could see his face as he got up and walked to the back. A small nightlight turned on illuminating the room with a small glow of warmth, the items were still placed off in the dark parts of the closet and I couldn't see them. Eric sat down in front of me again his smooth hair falling in his blue eyes; he placed his hands on my arms and placed a chase kiss to my lips.

"Tie, do you like me?" he asked calmly, I just stared at him, what was wrong with him.

"Depends, how are you asking me?" he just looked at me with a small smile that I took as, would you sleep with me first chance you got? "Yes"

Normal POV --Warning Lemon Start--

Eric pushed back on Tie gently causing him to fall to the mat with a slight thud, his lips crashing on Tie's Eric lowered his head to Tie's throat sucking and nipping as he went gaining whimpered from the smaller boy.

"Would…. You…. Love me…." Eric asked in between nips, and kisses. "Would you want me?"

"…….uhhhhh……depends" Tie gasped as Eric rose his head up.

"On what?" he asked, with a sad look.

"Would you want and love me back?" Eric lowered his head to Tie's ear, his breath flowing over the skin.

"Yes….. your what I want" Eric kissed Tie's neck again pulling at the hem of his shirt, lifting it off his friends body, seeing the abs and body form of Tie moaning as he gazed gaining blushes from Tie who was so overly shy. Eric kissed his way down Tie to his waist line sitting up, his ass rubbing against Tie's tenting pants, Eric pulled his fishnet off throwing it off to the side. Eric continued kissing ties chest before returning his lips to the luscious waiting ones, Eric licked at Tie's lip sliding his hand down under Tie's waist line, Tie gasped as Eric's hand engulfed him, Eric slid the pants down over Tie's hips. Eric placed his lips on Tie's now exposed erection licking at the tip, Eric lowered his head all the way to the base casing Tie to jerk up unintentionally his hips being held down by Eric, Eric could taste pre-cum on his tongue when he stopped Tie panting wanting more. Eric brought his head to Tie's kissing him allowing the salty pre to be transferred by their tongues, Eric sat up pulling Tie with him.

"Do you want to do this? Because if you let me do what I want to do, there's no going back.

"Yes, I've waited too long for you to want me to back out now" Tie's heated breath touched Eric's neck, Eric got up and walked to where he kept the items he had brought, he sat back down opening a container.

"Ok… lie down on your stomach" Tie rolled over laying on his stomach, as Eric poured lube on his fingers, "Just relax" Eric pushed one finger inside Tie's tight little ass as Tie moaned, Eric moved slowly in and out picking up speed, he added a second scissoring them while pumping. Tie whimpered when Eric removed his fingers in protest, well for a little time since directly after that Tie could feel a latex member at his entrance, Eric bent over so that his lips were to tie's ear.

"Ok… Relax because it will hurt at first but it will go away, now kneel up on your knees and bite on this" Eric put a chewy cloth in Tie's mouth placing his hands on Tie's waist, he gently pushed in until he was to the hilt he could hear Tie's muffled cries and kissed his love up the spin for comfort. After time Tie pushed back spiting the cloth out, his breath ragged.

"Move…Please…" Eric complied pulling out the pushing back in, setting a steady pace, the sounds of slapping skin filled the room and moans rolled off Tie's lips, Eric reached around grabbing Tie's throbbing member pumping in tune with his thrusts, he hit that spot in Tie sending him over the edge screaming his name, Eric pounded into him a few more time before cuming himself, stars flying behind closed eyes. He pulled out and collapsed beside Tie on the mat panting, Eric rolled over lying an arm across Tie's heaving stomach, Eric slid up Tie kissing him firmly on the lips.

"Oh and by the way… Welcome to my closet" he said as they drifted off to sleep.

The Next Day

"Eric Tie? What do you have to tell us about Yaoi?

"Well for one… it's very interesting" Eric stated with a smile to his newly found friend.

"Yes I have to agree……. very interesting"

The End

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