Love is something special,

It's not only kept inside,

It reveals itself when I think of you,

Even those times I've cried.

I cannot hide,

My love for you,

For I hold pride,

To have that one special person,

In whom I can confide.

That one special person

Who can make me feel great inside.

It must be a huge effort,

To keep me satisfied.

I don't know how you do it,

That's something I must admit,

But you make it look easy,

I know I can be impossible,

But I'm glad you never quit.

The sweet names you call me,

And the way you say my name,

The names we call each other,

They all make me feel the same.

I feel like I belong to you,

I feel you're really mine,

I love the way our love feels true,

And I love the way you shine.

I love that certain way you look at me,

Your eyes and your smile,

They make me want to tell the world,

You make everything worthwhile.

You're the reason I wake up in the morning,

You're the reason why I try,

You're the reason why I'm so unbelievably happy,

It's not so hard to see why.

No person can say I do not love you,

Even if they were blind,

Because I make it so obvious,

You're constantly on my mind.

I would never put you last,

You'd always be first to me,

No person could ever disagree,

No one could make me change my mind,

That's something I can guarantee,

Our love is intertwined.

Even while writing this right now,

I get this feeling within,

I could try to explain,

But I don't know where to begin.

I can't seem to write something about you,

That doesn't involve love,

I cannot write one bad word.

To one that could seem quite obsessed,

I could say I'm just impressed,

I cannot believe how I feel so blessed,

To have everything in a guy that I want and more,

I love you so much,

I know I've said it before,

Because of you I'm lonely no more.