The Inner Struggle

The bottle rests in her cold hands.

Here she is all over again.

She knew she should let go,

Move on and make amends.

The pain is too deep now,

To ever go back.

It is always too hard,

To make up for the things she lacks.

The bills are due

No one understands her.

Creditors threatening to sue.

No one hears her cry.

She can't take the struggle.

She is too weak to try.

She the deeper the pain,

The harder the fight.

The stronger the bite.

It feels too good,

She'd stop drinking,

If only she could.

Everyone has an addiction

Everyone has pain.

But she has noting to lose

And nothing to gain.

It's the end.

There is no struggle.

The liquor is her only friend.

She has no more options.

She has lost the will to resist.

Temptation wins the struggle