Chapter 16


September 30th 15 weeks, 3 days.

Travis lay staring up at the ceiling and new he needed to get out of bed soon. He glanced over at the alarm clock before glancing down at Julian where she was pressed against his body. One arm was curled under her head and her other arm was flung across his stomach. Her breath was warm on his skin and she looked so peaceful that he hated to move her so he could get up. It terrified him how quickly she had become a part of his life. It scared him even more how much he cared about her.

Travis looked at the clock again before trying to slip out of Julian's arms. Julian's eyes fluttered open and slowly set on Travis. She smiled sleepily before sitting up on her knees.

"Happy Birthday!" he couldn't help but smile as he took in her appearance. Her long hair was messy and she was dressed in only one of his t-shirts and a pair of panties, but the t-shirt was big enough that it reached mid thigh on her.

"Thank you. Its only six thirty, you should get some more sleep."

"No its OK. I wanted to tell you happy birthday before you left and if you can get up this early I can to!" her smile widened and Travis couldn't keep from pulling her against him so that their lips were almost touching. He stared into her eyes and smiled as she relaxed against him.

"Well then do I get a birthday kiss?" his voice was low and his lips brushed hers as he talked. He felt her heart beat faster as he pressed his body to her so they were connected from chest to hips.

"If you want." her voice was breathy as she brought her arms around his neck and closed the distant between their lips. She opened her mouth and kissed him like she was drinking him in. Travis regrettably pulled away and brushed his fingers through her hair and smiled.

"I hate to, but I have to go. Do you want me to come get you when I go check on things at my parents?"

"No that's OK. Just . . . Um when do you think you'll be home?"

"Probably around seven why?"

"No reason." she kissed his lips lightly and then sat back so he could go. Travis quickly dressed in a T-shirt and jeans before leaving the room. Julian quietly followed and watched him pull on his boots. He looked up and smiled at her as he moved to the kitchen.

"Do you want me to make you some breakfast?" Julian quickly shook her head and dug out a box of cereal from the cabinet.

"I'll just have some cereal."

"Alright. Wanna pour me a bowl?"

"OK." Julian grabbed out two bowls and smiled at Kiba who was passed out in front of the fridge. Breakfast was uneventful and as soon as Travis left, Julian picked up the phone and dialed one of the numbers that was posted next to the phone.

"Hello?" Tanner's voice was groggy as he answered the phone.

"Tanner, it's Julian."

"Oh hey what's up?"

"Are . . .you busy today?"

"No not really why?"

"I need you to take me somewhere to get Travis a birthday present."

"Ah sure no problem! I'll be over there in about an hour or so OK?"

"OK thank you." Julian replaced the phone and stared down at Kiba, who had gotten up and sat beside Julian's chair. "What do you think we should get him huh?" Kiba's mouth opened and her tongue hung out. "Thanks for you input." Julian slid from her chair and walked back to the bedroom so she could get ready.


Travis lunged the strawberry roan colt around the round pen, but his thoughts were on Julian. She was getting too close and that knowledge scared the shit out of him. He hadn't planned on all of this. He hadn't planned on actually liking her, but it was happening!

Travis turned his attention briefly back to the colt and shortened the line he was holding so he moved closer, making the young horse pick up its speed to a easy jog.

"Jog, jog, jog." he repeated the command as the horse easily traveled the small distance of the round pen. His thoughts went back to Julian and he had the strangest urge to pull back from her and distance himself. He hadn't thought about the future too much, or what would happen once the baby was born. Where were they going to be? He wasn't so sure he wanted to be back in this position. To be responsible for his kid, but have to take care of Julian to.

Travis tried to forget about his insecurities and worked the colt for a good hour before moving on to a little seal brown filly. He made sure to stay busy so he wouldn't think about Julian. Sooner or later though he was going to have to deal with it.


Julian cupped her cheek in her hand as she took another bite of her mandarin chicken. Tanner had already finished his lunch and was currently glancing about the food court, letting his gaze linger on any girl he found attractive. He finally brought his eyes back to Julian and smiled broadly.

"So, we've been through this entire mall. Have you decided what you want to get him?"

"No." her eyes quickly searched the stores nearby before pushing her plate away. "Why is this so hard?" Tanner shrugged and pulled her plate to him.

"Are you finished?" Julian nodded and took a sip of her drink. Tanner put a fork full in his mouth and quickly chewed and swallowed. "Well lets think about what he needs or likes. He likes sports, that's obvious . . .he likes his truck that's another given . . .he could always use some new clothes." Tanner smirked and leaned forward on the table and Julian new she didn't want to hear what he was going to say next. "You could buy some sexy lingerie and wear it for him!" Julian shook her head and pushed his face away.

"You are such a perv! Besides its kind of hard to be sexy when you have a big belly. I can't believe we're even having this conversation!" Tanner laughed and took another bite.

"Aww you're always damn sexy Julian. Besides I heard that guys always find their significant others very sexy when they're pregnant."

"That's enough. Don't forget you're talking about your brother." Tanner cringed and made a gagging motion.

"Thanks I just got one of the most disgusting visuals ever." Julian felt her cheeks turn red and she quickly looked away from him.

"Would you stop! I really need help figuring something out!"

"Alright alright." Tanner quickly finished the rest of Julian's lunch and then stood up. "I've got it!"


"Buy him a system for his truck."

"I hate to ask because, I'm going to feel stupid, but . . .what's a system?"

"A stereo system. Trust me, this is it." Tanner threw an arm around her shoulders and led her out of the mall and to his truck. Before they reached it though Tanner froze and quickly moved Julian a little behind him. Julian frowned and looked around him. Her eyes widened at the sight of Natasha standing in front of them. Her look was cold and unfriendly and when Julian glanced at Tanner he looked even meaner.

"Well, well look who it is."

"What do you want Natasha?" Natasha's gaze jumped to Tanner's truck and then back to him.

"I knew I recognized this truck and I just wanted to see how Travis' little bitch was doing. What a surprise to actually find her with you." When Natasha's eyes fell on Julian she smirked and took in the younger woman. "And she's pregnant. You should be careful, wouldn't want anything to happen to your baby."

Tanner quickly moved in between the two woman and glared at Natasha.

"You need to leave."

"I don't have to do anything!" Natasha peered around Tanner and caught Julian's eyes.

"Has he told you about Katie yet?"

"Natasha shut the hell up." Natasha smirked and studied Tanner.

"I take that as a no." She looked back at Julian and her smirk widened.

"If I were you I'd want to know the truth." then she stepped around them and began walking towards the mall entrance. Julian watched her disappear through the doors before turning and staring questioningly at Tanner. He quickly looked away and climbed into the truck. Julian climbed into the passenger side, but continued to stare at Tanner.

"Who is Katie?" Tanner stared at the steering wheel before slowly turning his head in Julian's direction.

"Julian . . .if I could I would tell you, but . . .it's not my place. If Travis wants you to know he will tell you. Please don't bring it up today though."


"Please Julian. . ."

"Alright . . .for now."


When three o'clock finally rolled around, Travis was more than ready to get home, but he still had to go check things out at his parent's place. Travis shut his door and flipped open his cell phone. He scrolled through his contacts and then held the phone to his ear and waited for Julian to answer.


"Why do you sound so out of breath?"

"Hmm? Oh uh . . .I was outside and I heard the phone ring so I ran inside." Travis smiled slightly even though she couldn't see it.

"Listen I'm heading over to my parent's right now and I'll be home after that. I'm just gonna pick up dinner on my way home so what do you want?"

"Oh you don't have to because I've already got dinner."

"Really how'd you do that?"

"Uh . . .Tanner took me into town."

"Alright. I'll be home in a few hours."

"OK bye."

"Bye." Travis stared at the phone with a raised brow. Shaking his head Travis tossed the phone onto the passenger seat and started the truck.


When Travis walked through his front door he started to take off his boots, but paused and straightened up. He glanced around the wall that blocked his view from the kitchen and small dining area and was completely shocked by what he saw. He finished taking off his boots and wandered over to the table where plates of food were set. He moved the plate covers out of the way. There was salad, garlic bread and lasagna.

"Happy birthday." Julian slowly walked towards him with a small present in her hands.

"Did . . .did you make this?"

"Yeah. You're mom has been teaching me how to cook and I wanted to surprise you. You already do a lot for me and the least I could do was learn how to cook." Travis was speechless as he looked from the table to Julian. Finally he pulled her into his arms and buried his face in her hair. Julian smiled and wrapped her arms tightly around his waist. "I have one more present." she stepped back and held up the box in her hand.

Travis took the box and quickly ripped the paper off and opened it. Inside was a picture of a system. Travis frowned and looked up at Julian.

"What is this?"

"It's a picture of the system I bought you. All you have to do is take your truck in and the store is going to install it for you."

"Julian you-"

"And if you say I shouldn't have I'm going to hit you." Travis smiled and pulled Julian back into his arms.

"Thank you Julian."

"You're welcome."


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