& you think you're so great,
so H O L L Y W O O D…

walking around with all the
fashionably unfashionable,
wearing the same clothes
from the same underground
undiscovered clothing company
as everyone else…
same dumb horse-hair extensions
everyone else paid $210 for and
same holier-than-thou attitude.
you're so scene you
shit raccoons;
you breathe hollywood.

i'll snap you right out of
that notion with my
leopard-print stiletto to your
heavily photo-shopped face;

you want hollywood.
you need hollywood.
you fucking LOVE hollywood-

because hollywood will
fuck you
when no one else will.

i fucking HATE about 90 or so of the entire 'scene-elite' population. the raccoons remark is an allusion to those damn coontails, or striped sections, in a lot of those girls' hair these days. i get labeled as 'scene-by-association' all the time and it annoys me quite a bit. x