Silver droplets of fiery rain

Flutter through the misty grass

Lighting fire to the aching plain

With white fingers of reluctance


We are in the world of broken dreams…


Scarlet rivers of splintered wood

Forge steely hearts from their midst

Creating springs of flowery waters

That dissolve into the hazy mist


Hear the choked, bloody screams…


A white flowing ghost of midsummer past

Shudders through the deep sea

Shimmering with radiant beams aghast

To fight with the ages of flowing waters


Cling to me, we will survive…


So watch with me these arduous wonders

Of silver tongued rays of light

Firing bullets of ice into the sea of thunders

As days pass into the abyss of darkness


Though to breathe is death alive….


I'll press your cheek to mine

And we'll watch the amber sunset

Set afire with lovers' screams

And shattered glass dreams


And we will die forever…


A/N: I know the last verse is out of whack with the rest of the flow,(as is the second verse...) but the last verse was actually written first. I hadn't meant for this to be a rhythmic poem, it just came out that way. So, I'm not trying to be lazy or anything, but that's the way it was written and um... I hope you like it the way it is. :)