Walk With Me, My Love.

Walk with me, my love,

We will meander through many lands

Where the skies are crystal glass

And the mountains float above the horizon.

Step with me through the puddles, love,

Those sky-drops upon the ground,

For they are portals into worlds unknown

Sing with me, my love,

Songs of Faeries gae

That dance about the velvet flowers

And display their spider web wings

If you catch a butterfly, love

Clutch it gentle to your heart,

For it is a kiss.,

On colorful wings

Flying from my heart to yours.

Smile for me, my love,

As you gaze around at the wondrous earth,

And see the diamond trees spiral to the heavens

Don't forget me, love!

Remember evenings danced away

Until the burning stars melted to red sunrise

Laugh with me, my love,

Let me hear your voice again,

Promise me, love,

That you will be by my side forever

Walk with me, my love,

And we will venture into life unlived.