All Who Hear May Nothing See

Do you hear the voice that's calling?

Calling for thee to come here

Here where lies a great man dead

Dead his wife whom he hath killed

Killed with hands now stained red

Red the color of blood hued sun

Sun which shines so bright in day

Day which gives its life to night

Night in which the animals prey

Prey does run and fear and cry

Cry, for tears do clean and cleanse

Cleanse the malice from thine eyes

Eyes which see the blackest soul

Soul, my soul, is lost indeed

Indeed for thou hast made me great

Great that I might conquer all

All who hear may nothing see

See what beauty lies within

Within the chamber lies a brute

Brute so great devour me not

Not until the sun doth rise

Rise you villain, freedom comes

Comes to make you prisoner yet

Yet thy heart doth have its purity

Purity which shines in the virgin's face

Face thy fears, they bite you back

Back into the shelter of home

Home is missed, so sorely too

Too much wine doth make thee sober

Sober seas welcome thy name

Name of which is soiled with sin

Sin doth have the greatest hold

Hold thy hand, strike not my life

Life gives birth unto thy death

Death does conquer all but God

God doth choose to send you hence

Hence to Heaven or to Hell

Hell in which the devil resides

Resides to take a life from earth

Earth doth twirl around and round

Round the ring upon a bride

Bride of beauty, and thy groom

Groom, I charge thee, love her, do

Do you hear the voice that's calling?

Calling for thee to come here…

A/N: Not meant to have any deep, profound meaning or anything, just a little nonsensical. Yet some of the lines do ring true, don't they...? Oh, and words like "stained" and such, read in the old way as "stay-ned", giving emphasis to the "ed".