A need to hope
A need to find
A need to know
To love
To bind

"To hope," said the girl.
"To hope is to lose.
Too much chaos,
the Butterfly Effect,
Too simple a ruse."

"To find," said the bird.
"To find is too vague.
You don't know the object,
the desire, the product
Too easily your plague."

"To know," said the tree.
"To know is too manqué.
delusions of grandeur.
Wouldn't happen anyway."

"To love," said the rose.
"To love is to reach.
Dwelling hearts linger,
a waste of time.
Usually attached whales beach."

"To bind," said the friend.
"To bind is to wear.
Time killed great kings,
so it will to us.
You will learn to not care."

And with this, I let you go.