My dreams are echoing into
The mist a surreal experience of
Horrible proportions with
Faeries in my lap twisting
Teasing what I thought was
True and nymphs in my bath
Tub whispering bubbles into
My ears and softly singing death
Tunes like lovers melodies

Dragons plague my walls with
Fire erupting from their
Stomachs flames licking off
Burnt tongues onto my skin
Sticking like icicles through my
Flesh while witches blind eyes so
Bright stare through my body
Soul and mind twitching at the
Disfigured course of my life and
Laughing like a set of chimes so
Beautiful and broken two sets of
Faces balanced against the other

Ghouls and ghosts and other
Mysteries run across my feet and
Floors asking to mystify me and
Kissing me with fantasies I want
To scream but can't as monsters
Gleam so alien to what I so often
Try and see while this supposedly
Has always been home to these
Creatures rare and beautiful and
Almost real as I move my fingers
Across the moon white hair of
Angels and hide my face beneath
Their wings they laugh at me and
Sing to me and suddenly I'm just
So asleep while sunshine pours
Onto my face and eyes open to the
Light of day I realize the truth
Behind all the lies and can finally see

It was nothing but a dream