My lips are tied together with
Blood bows maimed by the
Wounds of words plunged into
My flesh a bath of red flowing
Onto the floor creating puddles
Reflections of who I once was

My hair is dirty and brown
Laced with sticky wetness a
Mess where images form from
Folded strands and shadows

My neck is pale and blistered
Burn necklace into the crevice of
My throat while red flow pulses
Lovingly like life was blood and
Breath and thought while a
Jaw border where my face must be
And my collar but a fantasy

My eyes are deep and somewhere
Other than where I really am as
Ocean gaze looks away the blue
Gray of life holes in my vision I
Hate and love those things that
See everything and nothing while
What is real and what is false blend
Into reality in which I sink

I'm but a portrait waiting to be
Painted and thrown away again