Glossary of Terms

Old Tongue:

Elttaiid we Snaiimac (El-tai-id way Sny-imac): Battle of Champions

Tiic Gifeer (Teek Gee-fear): Cat's Refuge

Nwatt (Nwot): Town

Tatiire (Ta-teer): Enlightenment (the small village the five sages reside in)

Ciitame See-ta-may: Mystic

Yim ir tiim niagai raid diirf (Yim er teem nE-guy deerf): May we meet again dear friends

Tregilletii Lamina (Tray-jil-let-E La-mean-a): Intelligent animal

Ancient Tongue:

Griisa (Grease-a): Honorific title used to address the queen of Nevah; roughly translates as "Your Grace"

Raissiima (Rye-seem-a): Roughly translates as ambassador

Siivan (See-vawn): The Servant

Snaraig we Yrasii (Snaw-rye-g way Yura-see): Guardians of Nevah's history and lore

Shiigai (Shee-guy): Generally translated as "Guardians of Power"; can be used as a word for wisdom, truth, sage, and or mystic