I don't want to grow up and
Leave everything beautiful
Behind me but I think I already
Accidentally did when you
Kissed my again because it
Didn't happen the first time no
Not with that startling stifling
Stunning motion when you
Pressed your lips against mine
For the first time it wasn't then

But you came back and I let
You in again because something
Told me this was real and
Inside I could feel my soul
Burning and yearning for what
Isn't safe and something that would
Hurt me just so I could grasp
What emotion was and love and
Hate because I never knew
Anything could hurt so bad
Before the night that I met you

So I started with something
Somewhat like innocence and
Ended up with an empty kiss that
Left my lips on fire and numb
Music in my ears of your voice
Calling out and tearing down
Everything that was me and almost
Building what I was to become
But instead leaving me undone so
Horribly and casually I'm just
A joke just a torn piece who I
Could maybe be who we might
Have been and it's still killing me

Days grow and fade twisting into
Months away from you like the
Miles stretched between us and
I know it isn't finished I'm just so
Tired why can't it end like I need
It to I need you to tell me I'm nothing
And just abandon everything because
Hope is too much for me to handle
These days all I want is to fall
Harder than I did before and realize
That nothing isn't forever because
We were nothing and didn't last so
Forever must be gone away and
I just want to go there and stay
Far from you and almost love and
Every maybe that fell from our lips

But I think you've made me a liar too