Vampires Can Cry and Vampires Can Love

By Satans1Sister (Cynthia!! Woo Hoot!)

Chapter One: What She Didn't Want To Be

Callie, a young, fifteen year old girl, walked through the streets, wondering why they were empty of any other people but her. The skies were dark with clouds that were ready to rain. She stuck her hands in the pockets of her black jacket, the one with red chains on the arms and front, shivering. She wasn't shivering because she was cold—though she was cold—but because she sensed something near her. Something unnatural, not human. Something brushed up against the back of her shoulder and she turned around. "Hello?" She called out.

When she turned back around a tall, dark man stood in front of her. His eyes were light and his hair was longish and the blackest of hair Callie had ever seen. At first she was shocked by how handsome he was but then she realized what he was. She backed away. "Oh no, where do you think you are going?" He said in a low voice, not mockingly or mean.

"Getting away from you!" She said and turned, beginning to run. The guy, whose name was Jakob as Callie would find out later, reached out and grabbed her jacket, pulling her back a little rougher than he had meant to. She fell backwards and onto the ground at his feet, hitting her head on the sidewalk and he kneeled down next to her.

"Please cooperate." He said gently and lifted her into a sitting position. She ignored the pain in her head and glared up at him. He leaned down and put his mouth to her throat, plunging his fangs into her throat. Her head tipped back, pressing against his fangs, until she got her senses back and pushed away from him painfully, ripping his fangs from her neck. Blood dripped down her neck and chest. She cried out with the new pain and scrambled up and ran the other way, not caring where she went.

She just knew she needed to get away. "Get away from what, my love?" The deep voice said from behind her. She pumped her legs faster. Her silver and black eyes were wide open with fright and shock and her long white-blond hair that had natural black streaks in it blowing behind her. A branch hit her cheek and cut her, blood dribbling down her cheek. She stopped as she realized she had run into a forest and glanced behind her to see no one. She started running again before turning her head back and ran into something solid, but soft. She felt arms wrap around her shoulders after they spun her around, burying their face between her neck and shoulder. Her heart beat raced and she froze, knowing it was the guy from moments before. "Your blood is so delicious, my dear Callie…" He said, his voice muffled.

'How does he know my name?' Callie wondered with shock. "I know much about you…" He replied. Callie guessed he could read minds, being as he was a vampire and all. He licked the blood from her cheek. "Mmm," He wanted to plunge his razorblade sharp teeth into her neck again, her blood was so good, so fulfilling….he kissed her neck, her blood coloring his lips dark red. He pierced his fangs into the puncture wounds he had made before and let her blood rush into his mouth.

"Oh!" She cried out. This time it hurt more. He removed his mouth from her neck a few seconds after that. He didn't want to hurt her. Surprising as it was, he did actually care for her. A lot. He knew her better than she knew herself, too…

He bit his tongue and let his own blood drip into the puncture wounds. She stumbled forward as he let go of her, falling to the ground. Her eyes fluttered open and closed as she struggled for consciousness. Jakob moaned softly with remorse. 'I'm a monster…' He thought sadly. He hadn't wanted to be born this way. He wished he hadn't chosen Callie. But she was the one he wanted.

He wiped the blood from his lips with two fingers and lifted her into his arms, holding her close to his body. She drifted in and out of consciousness. He flew to his home, a gothic-style mansion and went inside, setting her on his huge bed. He cleaned her blood off of her and put a Band Aid on the cut on her cheek, switching her from her current clothes to a black, silky night gown, trying hard not to glance at her half-naked body as he did so. He leaned over her when she was dressed, pressing his mouth onto hers softly, slipping his tongue into her mouth and feeling the tips of her new tiny fangs, supporting himself with a hand on the bed beside her. She was a quarter vampire now.

Callie woke with a start and pushed him off her, gasping for air. She glared at him. "What the fuck?!" She yelled. He winced at the sound. She bit her tongue and narrowed her eyes, opening her mouth and running her finger over her new fangs. When she looked at her finger it was cut by her teeth. Her eyes widened. "I hate you! I fucking HATE YOU!" She screamed at him, crying. She grit her teeth and punched him in the jaw hard, his head snapping to the side with the impact. He turned his head toward her, his eyes flashing red with anger. She balled both hands into fists to keep herself from swinging at him again. She didn't want to have any vampire blood in her. She hated vampires! They killed her dad. She hated them and she always would.

"I'm not like those vampires!" He said, trying to convince her before he got really angry and did something he'd regret. He couldn't control his vampire side very well.

"Prove it!" She cried out, burying her head in her hands. He put a hand on her back but she shoved him away hard, pushing him off the bed. 'That. Is. IT!' His vampire side yelled inside his head. He grabbed her shoulders and pressed her onto the hard wooden floor, pushing his mouth onto hers force fully and hard. He could almost FEEL her delicate skin under his mouth bruising while his normal side screamed at his released vampire side to stop. Jakob's vampire side pushed the nightgown up and Callie tried to knee him in the groin. "Get off of me!" She cried out with the most fright Jakob had ever heard before. His normal side took over again, fighting his vampire.

"Callie...I'm sorry…I can't control my vam—" The regular Jakob started until his vampire took over again. Callie pushed him hard, squirming out from under him and standing, only to be pushed against a wall. She tucked her chin to her chest so she wouldn't hit her head on the stone wall. He ripped her nightgown off and held her arms to her side.

"Please, stop, please…!" She cried out, tears streaming from her eyes. He licked her neck and sent kisses down her shoulders. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders as she stood there with her arms pressed to her sides. He pushed her back against the wall with one hand and put his face close to hers.

"Don't get me mad. Or this Jakob will make you pay." He said simply and his eyes turned back to their normal color. Callie let herself slide down the wall to the floor and wrapped her arms around her chest, bringing her knees up. She put her head on her knees and cried, trying to make herself as small as possible.

"Callie?" The regular Jakob said in a small, regretful voice, taking a slow step towards her.

"Stay...away…from me, please!" She whispered. He took a step back and sat on his bed, his elbows on his knees and his head in his hands.